Strange word to me ; Believe. We as in our generation believes less and less in ourselves, in our strengths than we believe in pessimism.

We find ourselves so weak that we give up on many tasks just by thinking we couldn’t do it or by the fear of future.
We stop fighting on the very early stages.
We start looking down upon ourselves when something miserable comes our way.

I wonder why are we people of today’s age are so doomed, why do we have that camouflaging on us that we must require to keep us moving.
The cover that we keep upon ourselves and we think that we are safe. The covering that makes us forget ourselves and we start mimicking others. We start to get inspired and in the process we want the best for ourselves. It leads us to more miseries. I wonder if we all get what we want, or if the people who have everything are the ones who are the most giddy ones? And these queries make me want to ask them; Do you feel lovely punk? Well, Do you?
We know that there’s nothing that is safe Out in this bad world. Anything can happen and everything happens for a certain amount of time. The clock ticks it all away. The clock ticks away even our lives.

What is pretty bad is that we make ourselves a part of all of it, we forbid to refrain from the bad around it.
As the result, we become one of the dirty fish because the whole pond is dirty.
I wonder if we are the litter of that pond as well, i wonder what different are we from that fish.

Is there a solution to it?
Can we see a silver lining in the dark cloud? Well, can we derps? or Have we given up on ourselves already?
What is that silver lining? What is that hope?
That hope is our faith!

Paradise is waiting for us.

I read that lovely message somewhere and thought to translate it down:
Do not stop yourself from saying and doing the right because nobody can kill you and nobody can lessen your diet,
If there was only peace in this world, then people would’ve forgotten their reason of creation,
Tranquil are the only hearts who find peace within their faith and pay gratitude for who they are,
Serene are the people who are happy from themselves and their Lord is happy from them,
Do not wait for the paradise
Do the deeds that make paradise your destination.
Always keep praying because possible and impossible are only in your thoughts.
There is nothing impossible for your God.
Just Believe!

Bless you!


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