World is a nasty place as every one knows as they grow older and wiser. 

People are meant to be criticized ,

People should be ready when the stones and flowers come their way,

People have to say, have to have a vision.

What if, all that is not a part of one’s personality? Does it matter?

Life keeps on repeating the lessons until learned. 

Dr. Marlo Archer.


I have learnt in the long run, if i won’t grow up. There wouldn’t be a soul in this world who would be in pain. It would be me and only me. I have to live life like i am supposed to. I should confiscate the word “I” while growing up. I am not a loner and i would prove this to the world. I can be as happy as anyone can be. I love myself, but i don’t overvalue myself either. I could be rejected by many, but also i remember this:

The Reason of my existence is not to please this world and its people, instead its the nourishing of my soul , reviving of my conscience day by day.   

Have a lovely day!! 🙂


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