When i think about my brain or how is it related to the work i do and i don’t, i almost always think about the psychoanalysts or the psychologists. Yesterday i happen to know a strange thing about them,

Some of the psychologists died of either committing suicide or some mental illness. I wondered what? how could that be possible.. I assure you, it is possible. 

Noted some points about Sigmund Freud from Wikipedia  :



3.Freud asked his doctor to help him commit suicide. The doctor administered three separate doses of morphine and Sigmund Freud died September 23, 1939.

Pretty weird !

It appears that a person who is known as the father of psychology is actually himself a psyche  (O.o) . Why would he ask a doctor to kill him? Is he insane that he became a doctor in order to get married ? Freud actually used cocaine. !

Here’s what i inferred :

Mind is a pretty tangled vital organ, if you try to untangle its knots you will get weary in the process but never can you unhinge even one of its knots.


Mind is pretty hard to untangle then also it is exhilarating piece of us to live with . Rationally speaking, even too much thoughts can destroy the peace of mind. We all have our little brains , we all use them according to our capabilities and logistics and sometimes according to our emotions. Only once one try and get to know another individual way too much then it is adequate to know,  he/she gets lost .


Human brain is far complex to study on its own let alone studying the thoughts in it. Human thoughts are far more divergent for any calculating instrument to ever be able to count them. Even reading this post can make you think thousands of unprepared notions. Sometimes we all think over which we have no idea, about which we like to ponder and many other manifestations. The point is;  Can anyone ever be able to accomplish those manifestations when sometimes we are also unable to do so. I am not sure about it.

The human psychologists try and diffuse suppression and depression by the use of different strategies such as therapies. For sometime the liberation of thoughts are indicated in an individual in the presence of another individual. Production of something beneficial and reduction of anything uncustomary can be gained  as one is being LISTENED TO and UNDERSTOOD without askance.   These strategies can last much less longer than our living.

Everyone should be the psychologist of oneself.

A mere thought.

Probably, That is why the Father of psychology committed suicide.

Give it a thought.

[= Smile all the way, cheerio. =]


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