Spread the word and make a voice of Muslims as one against the racism. What are they even thinking making a film like that?  They are sure that Muslims would get angry!!! Is that the goal??

No Muslim has ever done anything so vulgar against any other religion . And thus no other religion or their scholars has any right to do so.

This should be made as a universal law: That every religion and its ethics should be preserved. Sure, people can learn about all the relegions. Sure people can make their religion stand out and work in how ever way they like but never should anyone try to insult or make relegion a matter of hatred. It is becoming a matter of hatred among all the world.


The film was directed by 65-year-old Alan Roberts, a veteran whose prior oeuvre was dominated by schlock soft porn and hammy action with titles like “Young Lady Chatterley II” and “Karate Cop,” according to website Gawker.

Please stand with hands in hands as ONE.

All religions should protest against this kind of barbarism.


Please report it on the mailing address complaint@pta.gov.pk

phone: 080055055 (free in Pakistan)

I beg you to Save Your Religion’s importance in your and in other’s vision! !


8 thoughts on “Protest against the disrespect of Our Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)

  1. These movies are made only to make muslims react and indulge in violence.This serves two purposes:

    First the movie becomes famous bringing more and more money to the producer of the movie since we muslims are advertising the movie by sharing everywhere and further disrespecting our prophet.

    Secondly this is done to weaken Muslims’ relation with powerful countries like America. Either you become the most powerful yourself or try to become friend with the powerful. This is as simple as that just like we tackle our day-to-day difficulties of life in society by acting sensibly and wisely and building terms and relationships.

    If someone has made a wrong movie against our prophet and that it has gone famous then we can make a better movie to make people realize whom they are disrespecting. Further we can promote our movie as an answer to the disrespect. This is how we can make the movie a big hit not only recovering the cost of movie and answering questions but also attracting non muslims towards Islam.

    Remember our actions are our prophet’s and religion’s image.

    1. True Zia ur Rehman 🙂 I think there are many westerners who want to know about the Personality of our Prophet after the fame that movie gained. Also many who embraced Islam in london during the IERA Workshops. In which our brothers tells the non-muslims about the dignity and the respect of our Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him).

  2. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually realize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also discuss with my site =). We can have a link change agreement among us

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