Elucidating on the concept of time and the need of utilizing it properly has to do with the fact how well it is spend and how well needs are treasured when commenced.

At times we have everything we can possibly have, or everything that compromises our actual needs but still we want more. Some more…. There is a basic difference between needs and wants of a person, and we all should realize that difference. The needs are different for everyone and though the wants are different for everyone too but we have to jump onto them after the needs are fulfilled.

Destiny is a measure of time. We meet people because we are destined to meet them , we  get separated from some beacuse we are destined to be separated but that doesn’t mean that we are all alone and cannot have more good people or better people. Each of the stuff happens when comes the time for it to occur. BUT, we are in a rush. All the time , everyday. The concept of destiny is vast and thus it plays a humoungous role about when to come, what to come and how to come?


I don’t get this . If everything happens on time than why most of us, actually no; All of us , keep looking for reasons to be unhappy. We are unhappy because things didn’t go the way we wanted them to go. We are just way too unhappy because we havent acted in the perfect manner to any certain situational. IS that the reason that we are unhappy?

Come on,

♦All of this suggests that we are unhappy with our selves. We don’t have the faith in Him. We don’t think that things are going exactly the way they are supposed to go. Why is it so? We know, it can be either because of our deeds or because it is the way most appropriate for us. Period. ♦

Don’t really know about you guys but its all the same with me when i want to whine i can whine all i want. At the same time reverberations of my own mind tells me that it really is okay , some souls  are in a condition worse than i am and i have to be gracious for myself. Also,

When things don’t get okay or even worse we should have to have a faith that it will get alright when the right time comes. 


The heart gets evil all the time and keeps the track of all the wreck it can have and ALSO makes the most precious of memories as well. It really is hard to keep reverting back to the reasonable thoughts but it ain’t impossible buddy .

Now,the point comes to when is the right time??

Ah ha, a tricky one hun. Never mind i’ll answer that .. the right time comes when the right time comes. There is no right time as the right time that we create . The right time is when it ought to happen in our destiny , the right time is when our prayers are answered. So,

The right time is when we make ourselves right. The right time is  when prayers that we pray are right(sincere). The right time is when we are heard by our Lord. The right time is when Something is actually written in the destiny of the reciever. . . . Also the right time comes when the faith is strong enough to be a part of one’s life..


May the right time comes for you for the right that you want to or need to do. AMEN!
Have a blessed day! ♥


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