Anger,frustration,fury,annoyance … Name it and we all have it inside of us, though the granularity keeps on pacing up and down…

Why are we angry? Where do we reach with that amount of anger ? Or what is the outcome of it? Before answering these , i would want to know why do one even get pissed at smallest of things…. This is like a syndrome of today’s generation. We loose control really fast . I won’t say all of us are like that but yes many of us. Fury is but a part of many of our lives and it happens without any handle or control over it. It may seem like a small issue but it has the after-effects. First and foremost of which is you repent on it, always. If not sooner than later when you comprehend.



Why do we get angry?

I think it is because we want it all. That’s illogical if you think about it. Anger commences bad behaviors , which leads to much other troubles. When you are angry you don’t think about anyone or anything because you are just angry… There’s no reason to get angry but to stay angry is what we have in control. Getting frustrated and furious is a part of human nature, everybody has different amount of strength in dealing with the worst that happens.

Where do we reach with humongous amount of anger flourishing inside of us?

People call it attitude. People call rudeness attitude. I call it self pity. It’s clear from the faces of people who gets angry real fast that they are frustrated with themselves, they want to get rid of almost everything. If life isn’t perfect(which it can never be unless you are grateful) than it’s not worth it. Dang! Only solution is death.

Astonishing to me are those who looks upon other common people for inspiration. Compares their lives , their attitudes and all other aspects. Let me tell you one thing straight.

Each soul living around us has a different story a very different way they have been going on all their lives and a very different way they end up. You cannot go their way.  Make your own path beautiful by allowing the bliss enter your soul.

Can we change the Anger Control?

We certainly can. We have loads of reason to change this trait in our personalities. Handling the anger can have many ways but i am just going to discuss one, when you get angry you should get quite. Leave everything and sit where there is no one but you alone and ponder over it. If the mistake is yours , go for apologize instantly. If not, try to cool down first and think rationally and then deal with the matter very nicely first, It’ll work most of the time and if it won’t work then you have the right to get angry to fight for what is right. ♦

Just want to add in the end; Getting angry is not a solution to a good life, good health or even a good soul. Live life happily however it is, it will be worth living. The more you blab about the details the more you get annoyed & The more you stay grateful the more comes your way. Never forget you are much blessed than many others and you should not be the reason for many of the frets and frowns you cause each day. 

Spread love and sacrifice because that’s what you want in return from everyone. 

❤ Forgive & Forget as easily As you want Your Lord to Forgive you. Stay Blessed. ❤



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