Liberty libert liberty.! What is this freedom that is making people depressed and and confused to a extent that they kill themeselves. I don’t know if many of us are aware but last year the suicidal rate of America was 10,000 . It increases per annum.

I mean are we being serious? America is graded as one of the most modern countries in this world. The FREE country! The liberal of the countries having people dying ? 10,000 doing suicide? WHY!?!

Many of the people aren’t aware of the details about the increase in rate of sucide attempts in countries that follow west or in the way of following west. The pickiest reason is that there is no amount of modesty left as all of it has been sucked in by the so called “freedom ” (food for thought) . Technology is on the rise and so is the ways to access anything a teenager wants to. Media plays a tantalizing part in the rise of it. 

I want to share a story over here, 

A girl only 13 years old, was leaning from a balcony and there was a boy 15 years old, standing just outside her house looking at her window and texting her. She said ,”Please delete the video “. The boy  replied,” No”, and laughed at her. Girl said,”If you didn’t than i would have no choice but to jump and kill my self”. The boy just shrugged his shoulders and texting back said, “I don’t really care”. I’ll tell the end of the story at the end. 

Can you imagine readers? Just fifteen and thirteen years old teenagers. How come that guy have the courage ? How come the girl is so out of control? You might be thinking that this is a rare story but with the help of authentic resources , it actually is not. It is , but a part of many of the Americans lives. This is the definition of freedom if you ask me. The freedom to ABUSE. 

All of it starts in a very small age and some of it starts in elementary schools and through the teachers. The action is taken against these  teachers but long after the mind of a child is destroyed by the absurd thoughts. The new trend in flirtation is sexting. This is the term that most of us aren’t aware of but it is a part of teenagers among U.K and other western countries. Sexting is flirting that a guy or a girl takes snaps of their private parts and send it to the receiver , whom he/she has the crush onor whom he/she wants to flirt with. The rate of watching pornography is low in America and U.K . Weird? It is because they want to do all of it practically. Shocking right? To me it was. But the rate of watching pornography in Pakistan is among the top 10 countries . You are sane enough to think where it might lead the youth…. Also T.V plays an important role. They deleiver the dirty messeges even through cartoons e-g Family Guy, that are fed into the children subconciouness without their or their parent’s knowledge .  The top rated show of pakistan is “Ishq e mamnu” . In which the illegal relationship is beautifully demostrated. The lyrics our youngsters listen to, contains the abusive language and the dirty languistics with flourishing music(All they like is the music with little or no understanding of the lyrics).

End of the story…

The guy didnot delete the video and the girl slipped and died on the spot. 


Br. Imran Ibn Mansur. 


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