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Assalam u alikum Wr Wb everyone,

Indeed Fasting is for Allah and Only He will gives its reward.
Make your motives clear for ramadhan , Make them so stead fast that you could never break from them even when the shaitaan the biggest of devils is unchained.
I’ll humbly request everyone to ask for Allah’s rehmat His mercy on us throughout our lives. We aren’t Muslims just for Ramadhan but for the lifetime.
PLease deeply scrutinize yourselves and try to add atleast one habit one deed that you’ll Insha Allah continue for the rest of your life and then stick to it Insha Allah.
Please be humble in anything and everything you do. Be eloquent and as sincere in your prayers as you can be.

Do something this year that will wipe out your sins from the previous years.
Cry very hard in front of Allah at the laila tul qadr. Cry and feel the burden uplifted for yourself. Feel the light and soft feeling inside of your soul.
Be a kind human for the people around you. Be the kind of human that you want others to be . Be the practicing Muslim as he is the best of humans of who try to be the best of a practicing Muslim.
Do not get too hard on yoursleves either. Try to suppress from the evil inside of you. That’ll be the start of you.
Don’t forget to equip yourselves witht he knowledge of Sahih Quran and Sunnah as its the light and the only way to Jannah.

I pray that this Ramadhan bring lots of joys and blessings for you & help you in refraining from evil and doing the deeds that are acceptable and continuous.
Have a very good Ramadhan.
Ramadhan Mubarak.

Jazak Allah hu Khair.

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