Asslam u alaikum Wr Wb,


Ramadan is passing so quickly and Ya’ ALLAH please accept whatever little deeds that we have done .   May Allah reside within us the feeling of nobility that this month has brought with it. Ameen. We still have the last 10 nights, Alhamdulilah.

One of the magnanimous purpose of this month is to recite as much Quran as we can. Hope you all have finished one by now and if not then on your way to do it Insha Allah. Quran brings us the clear commandments the clear idea of this life and the here after and so it has to be recited more frequently. The more frequently you read Quran, the more it brings you near Allah, the more it tells you how to stay away from everything that has no meaning in the eyes of Allah.  

Quran reminds us of our true purpose , of our only purpose. Allah says in the holy Quran,

19. Not alike are the blind (disbelievers in Islamic Monotheism) and the seeing (believers in Islamic Monotheism).

20. Nor are (alike) the darkness (disbelief) and the light (Belief in Islamic Monotheism).

21. Nor are (alike) the shade and the sun’s heat.

22. Nor are (alike) the living (believers) and the dead (disbelievers). Verily, Allah makes whom He will hear, but you cannot make hear those who are in graves.

35. Surah Al-Fatir or Al-Mala’ikah


Allah hu akbar ! 

When i read these ayah’s i always come to a halt. I reflect back on myself. Many individuals around us who are not practicing has a reason to not to practice and chastise what Islam has to offer and half of their reasoning is that Allah will forgive them because He’s all merciful and forgiving. THERE”S ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT IN THAT! Don’t we think that we have to put something in to get the reward, to achieve that rehmat, to attain that mercy from HIM. 

If He’s all merciful then He’s very furious too. He wants you to submit yourself completely! If we are happy from His mercy then we should also FEAR his anger, His JALAL. But we mostly forget the latter part. May Allah guide us.

Quran is hence, a reminder in two magnificent of the ways , 

  1. To be grateful enough to stay hopeful.
  2. To be fearful enough to do your best.

Human is forgetful by nature, he forgets very easily by saying,

Let the bygones be bygones.

That is why even for smallest of stuff to remember we put on reminders so that we don’t forget. Make a note and attach it on your wall or make a reminder in your cell phone just like an alarm.


Make this reminder a knack of yours. Make sure to continue the habit of reciting Quran and at least read the translation of half a page each day. It’ll be really helpful and remind you each time of what your true purpose is.  You do so much for this world please do a little for Akhirah as well. May Allah accept from us what little we do. Ameen.


Jazak Allah hu khayr for reading.



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