It’s true that life beguiles you , life takes you from a train ride to a roller coaster ride. Funny how the excitement and ecstasy of both differs. I would love to ride a roller coaster again. Anyway, sticking to the topic more i want to write about how hard is life sometimes. 
Been in a class yesterday i realized or i should say the realization dawned upon me that life is not a bed of thorns if not a bed of roses . Things get to us and slip away from us but only to teach us something. Somebody might be there with you one day and will vanish the very next day. Life beguiles but is strange at times. 
I’ve learnt it the way i ought to learn it ,

You can never ever give up on the journey ahead of yourselves not matter how hard you stumble along.. No matter how ever much times you fall down. You have to get back up and stand firmly on your ground . 

Read these lines in a book i’m reading now a days that You should have more faith in people Sephy. How do i do that? asked Sephy. Have more faith in yourself. replied .. I loved the lines totally. We lose ourselves in the battle of loving someone else. We don’t have a firm belief that we can get through it , Eh! Loving someone often is painful but hey Have faith! You can do better than that.   

Trials work their way around you whether you want or not. The whole point is what were they meant for? Trials are meant to judge you..Are you Wondering; to judge you of what? Of your patience, of your thankfulness , of your sincerity. Trials are a way that you get close to yourself in the meantime getting closer to your God! 

Life with the trials is tough but who doesn’t have them. EVERYBODY goes through a lot to get somewhere.  If i’m going through some trial today i’ll have the reward tomorrow. If i have a belief during my bad time that why is it happening with me? then also see that where those happenings are taking you? & that they might be for your own betterment but you just won’t realize it at that time. Carry On yourself , Eh mate? ^_^  Just Go with the Flow of hope flooding off the negativity. Go not hard on your self, it’s just a test and it’ll pass. Just like it always does. 



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