Today , it’s probably best day to write about the kind of love that the world accepts and the one that is bound for rejection is through complacent judgement. Funny are the people to me at times. Even the ones that i care about.

Somewhere somebody asked , “Why do we always pick out the wrong people to love ? Those who literally treat us as inferiors or want us to change? ” Came there a beautiful reply ,” We only accept the love we think we deserve.” 

I had been wondering for quite sometime now? What is love actually? From what i see around it’s the money, it’s the beauty, it’s the status. Wait a minute, yes! That’s what it is. Nature lets you think in equally realistic ways when you give actual thoughts to it, It takes every beat of my heart to acknowledge that a pearl is the one who is beautiful inside , one who has worked up on the nourishing of the soul rather go behind the allure of appearances.

What the eye sees is not what the heart feels, when the spirits goes high it haven’t got anything to do with either the lush green fields or the gushing winds but it’s either the color which soothes us inside or how the coolness of the winds lets you breathe more freely. Love it! don’t you?  

I hope you see the beauty of this life more deeply. It’s in the laughter of your best friend , it’s in the smile that your parents pass to you when they are proud, it’s everywhere but the places we look at. It’s certainly not in the materials. When you acknowledge this kind of care and love make sure to hold on and never again let it go… & if you are hurt then remember :

Moving on i never want to hurt anybody who cares for me because i know the pain, i just know how it hurts. I gotta stand right up and face the consequences instead of making lame excuses with the choices that i made…. 


Hope you have a great day ! Toodles (^_^)


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