It’s in human nature and it is tempting to get the praise, to feel good . Too much of anything is bad though ! It’s like you can’t stomach it any more like you want to puke any second when you have too much of a something even what your heart desires the most. Human is by far the most unpredictable and weirdest creature of all. The more i get to know more humans, the more i get the former part . . .

No matter appreciation and encouragement should be there when needed but then also perseverance should be held in account. It’s much adequate for a human to go down the road and find somewhere peaceful to sit down and study oneself, study every aspect of one’s personality .A minute number of human actually do that where as many say that they know themselves more than any body else,  truth is actually the very reverse .   No matter if one admits or not , it is still very important . 

Now, how do you learn to say NO ? & where should you actually be practicing it? There is no special rules actually. Actually there’s this famous saying , 

Isn’t that true? It applies same way to the people , the people who do good all the time are bound to get faced with most of the difficulties not because they are good but because it’s their nature that is attractive for everyone , even the ones who doesn’t bother looking at them the second time after having their purpose served. Here’s where the noble one gets caught , mingled up in the miseries . The best thing is that a person doing all the good for a noble cause never gives up and keep making life easier for everyone around and far. Linking my topic there ; it should be sometimes when humans learn to say “NO” , up loud and clear . It becomes necessary  for everyone at times and not just the piety ones. 

Strange how you keep saying yes for all the time and one time that you say no and the other person gets offended , it’s not because suddenly you’ve stopped caring but it’s because you’ve suddenly left the expectations down from 360 degrees to 0 degrees. That sudden change in your behavior gets like a shock , a big bang! It shouldn’t be that way , you see. That is why it is necessary to protect your self esteem by saying “No”. So, when you can’t do it, just say “No” without hesitating and if you get scolded or listened badly for that then stand up for your self firmly, making sure to shut up the other person . Say loudly to your vanity , You’ve been there all along if he/she can’t take it for one time they’ll probably take me for granted every other time ! 

 HOWEVER,  It is actually very good to do good for some one when they need you ! Be Optimistic , Always! Always help when a hand is needed because you obviously need it at some point yourself. 

What we sow is what we’ll reap.  

 I hope you get the point . & Love yourselves and others deeply and affectionately. 

Toodles ! ^_^


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