Confusion , confusion, and more confusion. It’s all really confusing and poor sometimes. I think these are just the situations. Situations of different sorts but we all go through them each day. Some people give up easily and others don’t . Some people put up with the fight others just let go without even trying. Some keep on fighting till the point of attainment and think the struggle is worth all the happiness that comes afterwards and others well they keep trying to prove its worthless. Funny how we know exactly what our heart desires and what is good for us and what isn’t still we try not even to stand up for the “situation”.

There’s this thing in me whenever i feel numb i go to write. Back in times it was on paper and now it is the screen in front of me and i get the feeling about writing with a different or more general perspective.  Although i’m not very sure if i succeed but i do it anyway. You should do things that makes you at peace and let it all out, sometimes. The point is to talk, to write , to express in any way . Being isolated or suppressing yourself isn’t going to help you , instead it’ll make you more vulnerable. Going away from yourself will lead you to more misery. People now a days have a strange way of dealing with hardships, of dealing with hard times and that is the “escape”. This escape can be in any form depending on the individual of course.  But all of them try to run away. Run , run , run and there it is the big escape. Funny thing is, it is the biggest blunder you could ever make. Do not run but face, do not escape but fight. Fight for what you want, pay respect to what you want. The point to ponder on is if you are not going to fight , you are never going to make it clear that it was of any worth. Fight with yourself if you have to, but fight all the way. This fight strengthens you and keeps you upright.

Hardships do occur, they do happen and it’s not about how you fall, it always is about how you climb back up. 

So, i promise that I’ll fight for myself , i’ll fight for my dignity . If you are the coward , if you are the runner then i already have lots of them, i now want to feel safe, feel protected. I don’t want to get picked at , i want the honor , the respect that i deserve. I don’t want  another turn full of insecurities , that is why i let go. I let go of myself in the midst of my misery , i am already fighting for breathe , for air . You’r pulling me back in the water , that’s what these insecurities do to me. SO, i let go . Holding on to hope , and trust of my God to never let it go again. I know He won’t let me down, He never has.  Only He will help me through all of it & will pull me out. Amen to that !


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