Aoa all,

Long time since i wrote a post full of more and more hope and positivity but yes i get there eventually , Alhamdulilah. Sooo, let’s start ..


A rich observation ,

“Deeds are dependent on the respective intentions.”

Strange how just one line has so much ingenuity in it; take for example how when the intentions are pure behind some task, they make it the work of ingenious with the help and mercy of Allah & how when the intentions are impure, they might make you pass along for a while but you have to face the consequences later on. 


As it was just a thought and so a couple of questions were raised when i shared it, “How can anyone make their intentions pure?” So, i replied: “Hmm maybe by making the course of your thoughts in the right direction”. “What if you know your intentions are wrong?” again was inquired. “Then you should develop the fear of the hereafter and when you seek the truth about the pleasurable things of this world, then you know all about it.” Then you know how just your wrong intentions play a vital role in the immensely wrong that you do.. I realized then that when you seek anything , when you run after anything however small it maybe , however less benefit you think you can get from it , it won’t happen if it’s not meant to happen of course if it’s not written down for you.  Then why do we keep on running and seeking with the wrong intentions .. maybe it’s because we have made it a habit of ours. Cut the crap and get to the best part (Human surely is the most hasty in attaining the worldly attainments). 

unconscious INTENTION

Then some other time i received another text saying, author is anonymous (i hate it when they don’t write the name of who said the lines anyway..):

“The hardest deed of this world is to make sincere intentions for Allah Subhana wa ta’ala , he who succeeds in this test will succeed in all others.”

Absolutely wonderful message, right? Okay, so what exactly does that mean? “to make sincere intentions for Allah Subhana wa ta’ala” . Right.. What could it mean? Probably to not to let your mind wander off for the gain of worldly pleasure and fame or people you might impress but let it stick that you are doing it all only for the pleasure of Allah. That He’ll reward me for this deed in this world and the hereafter.  Same goes when we do the tawba .. how so? Yeah because you’ll only do the tauba that you’ll never be doing it again when you truly believe in Allah and that you’ll do when you truly make the intentions pure. It’s all about the intentions if you think deeply enough, scrutinize yourself on how much mind do you pay to your intentions within?

At the end just quoting what Nouman ali khan says in the tafseer of one of the ayah’s of surat al hadeed ,

The truth of worldly pleasures is nothing but turning yellow just as the time goes by .. It’s just us (humans) who believe that it’ll last forever (Also we think that for sometimes because achievement however big it maybe just makes us happy for a certain period of time after that it would be like it never existed or we go out to seek for more because there is never an end to any success and HUMANS ARE NEVER CONTENTED). 


 May Allah help us in having the righteous of intentions ! Ameen. ^_^


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