Assalam u alaikum wr wb ! 

Today , this world is full of “fitna” . Whether we want it or not it has generous affects on us. The point i want to discuss here is we want these fitnas to affect us and therefore we become the counter victims. This is really a disaster , but our mind do not think in that regard when it is having the pleasure that it seeks instead it gives off all the lame excuses to prove our point. Fact is not a fact until proven.

Topic is “interaction with opposite gender” . Interaction however small it maybe is still an  interaction. Taking things lightly or making them put into the category of broad mindedness is NEVER going to prove the malignity of it. But we still do it, for the hope in heart and peace in mind that maybe , maybe somewhere, something might prove my guiltiness and taking that on we keep on doing what our heart desires.

My last article was about, “Deeds are dependent on the respective intentions.” So what if intentions are the pure ones? & What if we know that we are doing nothing wrong? ! Okay, i find this an excuse too , an authentic excuse if you ask me because that’s what it is. That’s exactly what my mind calls it.. “Oh come on, it’s just the intentions that matters, you are doing nothing wrong .. i mean just nicely talking about something has no harm.. Just a little bit of laughter , that’s all .. You know it’s nothing more .. It’ll all be nothing eventually .. & You’ll forget .. who knows where i end up , so what does it matter?…. Damn… Stop being such a ridiculous thing who have no control over what she does.. Everything is under control.. YOLO! (Funny laugh…)”


How come a wrong deed can be “MADE” good by my so called “Pure Intentions”? If that was the case it couldn’t be wrong in the very first place ! But now i see how we are getting planned bit by bit by the little devil. The devil wants each gender to loose their self respect just by lessening their modesty.  Exactly, that is what happening to us now. I observed, many are becoming cowards as well. There are tons of universities girls and guys who gets out of their houses giving false impressions of going to educational institutions and going after such small things like mobiles and other handy stuff , they actually deceive themselves and their parents. This made a big shocking event, when my junior got caught red handed ! I don’t know who she is and i also don’t know the whole story but i do know this, she was only 19 years old! Only 19 years!

What does this type of behavior show? It all surely starts off with the small stuff. But again the point is “why have the women disgraced themselves so much? ” Exactly why ? Because men have forgotten to man-up. They have forgotten the values that Islam taught them. They do know the word “respect” but in a very wrong sense now. Women have gone far insensible then they should’ve been! More thoughts then .. “How can a man who has so much of the guts to take you out and buy you a mobile , cannot first ask you to marry him?  How he acts when his sister does the same thing? Isn’t he disturbed in some way? Doesn’t he need help?  If he is taking you out like that or showing you ways to deceive your family , how exactly can a woman trust him? Isn’t that woman disturbed? “

Is this all that is left? Some people around has notions that she was a junior so wasn’t much experienced that’s why! Oh, poor gal! Poor are our minds now. Poor are our souls now. Poor are us as a whole, as a community now. Only reason is there is no restrictions , no boundaries defined. No proper check on us, leading to such mishaps . If some action gets taken then people go blabbing about , “Oh come on she was just a kid , they could’ve just given her a warning?” Like seriously, she’s in the university people , & you are calling her a kid , a junior, a minor ! If she’s going to be let in then why not give everyone a warning and open gates to hell ! We are gone beyond double faced now, all of us have double standards !

I would like to end up this on going article by saying that to a man and a woman , mark that not to a kid and a kiddie .. :

Please honor yourselves and fear Allah, to woman ; if the man likes you so much then ask him to get out and ask up your hand from your father ! Not from you. If he’s not agreeing , For the sake of Allah, leave him alone. You are disturbing and might be even destroying yours and his future ! This is not your place to decide your own fate, Allah has written it down for you ! He has given you respect and honor that you deserve more than anything else. Create some sort of self respect in yourself. Change the way you think ! You are going to get rewarded and Allah knows how much you can sacrifice for Him.. Do you then think that He’ll not grant you with the best ! Have faith !  

P.S : Women are especially targeted here because they are the ones who can stop all this ! They are the source of entertainment because they have made themselves one! 

May Allah subhana wa ta’aala help us all and grant us the ability to seek knowledge . For if we are just know we might get along on the right path ! For if we just know , we might get the guidance we require. May Allah also help us in His remembrance all through our days and nights.  Ameen , summa Ameen. 

Knowledge should bring about humility like a branch that lowers when fruits bear.
~Nouman Ali khan


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