Humans have weird psychologies, they get over my head sometimes. It maybe because they are that way or maybe because i am this way. Doesn’t even make sense i know right. It will, have patience grass hoppers, lol. 

Shocking matters at hand. Shocking mentalities on the go. Shocking behaviors on the road but what can we interpret from them except to think about them as a whole. Still as a whole things don’t make sense sometimes and people hurt us in the ways unknown to them, i was thinking why or how could some one do that? The answer wasn’t that hard, it has been built within them and grows as the time grows. Yeah, it’s a disease and it’s a firm one. It is the disease that many opt by choice, to satisfy the ego or shall i say it’s the ego’s chase that can never finish, you might as well be wondering what am i calling ego over here. I call “self aggrandization”, the ego. Thinking of oneself more than one deserve is what this self aggrandization does to a person. Makes them loose their dignity on the level that not even a shred of it is left. I don’t really care about the person who is getting humiliated at that time because that person isn’t at much loss what so ever. Loss can however be measured by the regret an egoist has to face. There is no way out . I wonder how can just they not die within the boundaries of their grand self. People around them could puke, literally if they get around just a little bit more. Sorry about the bluntness of my words reader, but i know them somehow to be a fact.  

May the Lord of this world grant their hearts to the guidance and their minds to the point of sanity that is necessary for them to survive from the future regrets. May He help us all in the ways that our souls require. Amen.


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