Life goes on. Stories are written everyday. Somehow some stories are written that relates to us in some way. When they relate, we gets attached and the plot of the story seems the best .

The story excels when told well enough so that it can relate.


 How come these stories make us wonder in the different worlds and make them feel so comfortable. How come even the ghetto plots sometimes grabs our attention so much. How come we fall in love with some of them. These stories have psychological effects and thus makes us delusional of many concepts of life especially when the feelings and emotions are targeted. How cool is a human, even on one feeling one book could be written for just oneself and even many books as for a different person. All of them how ever leads to amazing weakness of the humans which is to love and to be loved. I was wondering if there was no concept of soul mates, we’d have a completely different world around us. Stories would be then about faith of destinies rather than of ultimate search of the other soul. Which is rather odd, because a soul meant for another will find it’s way whether this search commences or not. Regardless, the stories do get to us. Each of them then gives off a lesson as well, a very great one sometimes .. however,

There are different lessons depending upon different perspectives of each individual. A story written honestly , does pierces through hearts and gets an awe factor in them.

Great thing is everybody has a unique tale to tell. It does amaze me. How every human is different from other but in situations they relate and empathize with each other just because they feel the connection. How somehow the life’s of different backgrounds finds a common humor ground. Making the memories everlasting. How forgetting becomes just impossible, when remembering gives the kind of tranquility you always needed. How ever far off , links some souls together. Age, distances, colors, cultures, just becomes the words. Words that doesn’t matter and the words that matters , changes. Life is unique for everyone. How we live it, makes it beautiful or vulnerable. There’s not just one part in it, we all have different roles and each role demands our potential. 

Fall '13 Sunflower (Edited)

I’d like to end this post by just saying to never loose hope, for it is all you have. However little you have the hope but may it keeps you positive and at peace. Amen. Useless you maybe now, but may my prayer changes you to useful, for it is all the prayer does, it brings hope and peace. Ameen.
Toodles (^_^)


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