Insane are many humans, sometimes the ones we are very close to. Maybe
there’s a reason behind it too, so that we may analyse and try to make them
think differently. Anyhow still an anecdote that makes me realize many Image
things at once.Image

Queries are raised in our minds when we are learning or yearning for
something new , something we haven’t thought about before. Such is the
case with my young fellow, he asks and sometimes is very much stubborn
for his thoughts. I guess we all are, sometimes. Although he has a troubled
mind and he makes it more troubled by not opening up. The best thing is he
realizes it. He asked me one day, “What are we doing keeping up in the faith
anyway? Sure, we should enjoy until these beautiful days are over and then
just well see to faith when it comes to that. ” I wasn’t shocked. I kind of
knew he’d do that. Change is prone to humans, but faith doesn’t come easy.
It has to be worked upon, the connection has to be established between us
and God. What made his statement predictable was the fact that he adopted
extremely hurriedly and with much of swiftness to faith, he came back down to
the way he was before in a much faster pace. I tried to answer and said
,”You really believe that? Look at You just a month before and just now .
Like what’s up??” He didn’t really answer but asked another query , “What?
At least i did try and i’ll come back to it , i know that. I just want to enjoy
for a little bit. ” Our conversation went on and on and at the end i just told
him to take things slow when it comes to faith and not to rush through
them. Just take one thing at a time if you have to. You can’t be a saint or a
sinner overnight, it just isn’t what you thought all along.

What i was thinking afterwards was just an example which was a better
way of explaining :
During a semester system ,you keep on and in the mid terms you get very Image
low. You realize now you have to work very hard or at least try to move on
that much that you at least donot flunk the course. You do realize that
right? The first thing that can keep you from flunking is your determined
attitude , whether you are determined enough to try and pass? Or is it just
going to be your routine. Now, for a person who is determined can only get
through. Same is the case with the faith, you can only attain it little by
little when you are determined enough.
So, when you are determined what then? You try to organize yourself ,
keeps the distractions away for a while so you can get to focus and study
with all that you got, right? ofcourse, you are determined to not to flunk
this time so you got to do just that. What’s the next step of leap in faith
then? You get yourself organized, you get your thoughts organized, you
realize that although i have wronged myself i’ll not be returning to it, i
don’t want to flunk in the judgement day, i have to be more strong in my
faith. It’s the only way. & You try to move away from distractions that
makes you keep flunking.
Now, there’s one other thing what even when you get yourself organized
even then the distractions find their way to you for instance your sister
finds you and teases you and wants to play with you while you have exam
tomorrow, you can’t focus now, so you leave the room and find yourselves
another place or shove her away somehow.
What about faith?
Who distracts us? Evil ? Sins? No, it’s the Devil. How he does that is through
making the evil and sins attractive for us. He finds his way to us, anway
somehow. What we should do? Shove him off, leave the place. But instead
what we do we do is what creates the tension ! You see the similarity now?
I see it. We let the devil do his work and that’s where we are at his stake. If
the sister comes and you keep playing with her , what would happen?
You’ll flunk again. If we keep on playing with the distractions , if we don’t
remove them because we know the harm they can cause, we’d be
responsible for the outcome.
Who else would we have to blame at the end of the day then , if not
Give it a thought.
May Allah give us the ability to shove off the devil and to keep trying and
praying no matter what for it is the hope in His mercy and forgiveness that
keeps us going. Ameen.

Barak Allah hu feekum.
Assalam u alaikum warah ma tullahi wa barakatuhu !


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