I love my Allah. Sometimes i feel like He is the only one who loves His creation infinitely. No matter what anyone else thinks, i believe Him for now more than ever.

I had never thought myself to be so blessed, which is probably because i have never realized that i should be a woman of Alhamdulilah, of gratitude. He appreciates me in the best of manner, He appreciates me of everything that i am by just one ayah , ( Allah hu akbar) (references surah noor ayah 31 )

“Don’t expose yourself except for what is obvious”

In other words All women have beauty. “OBVIOUS BEAUTY!!”. Allah validates that, women don’t need the validation of anyone else in this regard. I felt so calm when i heard these ayahs explained by Br.Nouman Ali Khan, i mean wow ! Subhan Allah, Isn’t that amazing?? Many girls, i mean all girls , are obsessed with themselves. What do they want? Sometimes it’s the aunties coming at home they want validation from, sometimes , if not from home, then around from anywhere they might get a chance. Fat girls getting skinny, skinny girls getting fat, black girls turning white, white girls turning black. Aren’t we all beautiful? Why do we even need a validation from anyone else, when Allah validates it Himself ! This one’s surely purely for all Muslim women out there ! 

Allah listens to us when nobody else could.To Him we belong, Him we have to obey. Only then we’ll find tranquility and peace. Don’t look for sureties at the wrong places  with the wrong people. You are far worth More ! 

May Allah SWT gives us more light of iman in hearts and minds for us to trust Him more and pay Him the gratitude as much as we can  , Ameen. 


Jazak Allah. 

Barak Allah hu feekum.


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