Assalam u alaikum warahma tullahi wa barakatuhu,

Sometimes there are things that made us reflect on the inside of situations rather than just the outer part of them. We sometimes get ourselves in the situations we barely thought about while going through the processes. Friday night and can’t sleep so just thought about writing on anything that comes to my mind. So, lets just say we have a dorky situation at hand. We as humans are very vulnerable as to stop believing in our own potentials. It’s very perplexed , about certain people , during certain times. We sometimes get in acquaintance with some chaperons that we barely understand, but we do get in different companies as it’s a world of unique individuals having different ways that they function. What i was wondering was however quite common in many individuals. Me and my friend’s theory is that their are certain one’s who deliberately quit the process of mental growth and henceforth quitting the battle of trying to improve themselves.  They do project the ideas and thoughts of themselves as being righteous and sometimes don’t even realize it. I didn’t give it much thought before but i did do it yesterday, trying to get a sane answer of why would anyone quit thinking for the reasons to improve themselves? First reason ; they don’t even realize that they are wrong at the first place. The askance continues even then, why don’t they realize?.. Second reason ; they don’t find it in themselves to be able to handle the truth about certainties so it looks easier as a solution to them for who they are as persons and they just seek refuge in that and just continue with that hoping to get peace. It’s quite a commotion for many. Yet, serenity still doesn’t find a way in .

What’s sad is that they create confusions and made the one’s around them feel as baffled as their own selves. This shouldn’t happen to the people who believe , who actually have true faith and hope for a betterment. 

The people who believe should remember this , 

Don’t compare yourself with them, who causes you worry, who lets you down,
Don’t compare yourself with anyone at all,
We all have different journeys, that we travel along,
Taking different routes in this life,
Have faith in your prayers, have faith in your spirituality just like you have a faith in your ability of making right choices…
For who can take away your strength ,
For who can make you despair,
For who can let you down,
You are a person of gratitude ..
You are a believer in ” Good and bad both comes from only and only Him”..

We all should keep reminding ourselves that we are here to serve a purpose and refuge and tranquility is only in seeking that purpose alone and nothing else.

“May Allah guide you and me to fulfill the true purpose in the best of manners that we can, and may Allah help us make the seekers of forgiveness, for we all have wronged ourselves badly. Ameen, ya Rabb.”

Jazak Allah for reading. 


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