Allah has made human with perfect psychologies. It’s amazing the way we all are programmed , Subhan’Allah. No matter how much the technology progresses, no matter where it goes in making our life easier and enjoyable it still is left out. Proving that nothing is perfect, except for what Allah has made perfect.

Psychology as a study, is always intriguing for me. Everybody perceives everything differently, and act accordingly. Saw this absolutely nincompoop character last night, Theodore, who falls in love with an artificially intelligent operating system. Fast forwarding , i saw the scene projecting, clearly depicting the reality that humans are getting far distant from a person sitting right next to them and getting far more closer to the unknown person ; all due to the advancement in technology. It’s a very sad reality, but a true one. I am not saying that it is stupid that we are advancing in technology , nor that communications getting easier and more comfortable is something that needs criticism. The point is how the frequent use of them make us all disturbed in many ways. It makes us appreciate the humanity much less, it makes us loose faith in people , it makes us social animals but animals more , somehow. I want to point out how it turns our lives upside down, just because we are made dependent on this stuff instead of being independent. We cannot live without them, sometimes i do feel like that all these devices are now of paramount importance.

So, Theodore falls in love with an operating system. Did you read that? An ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS notion. Height of insanity !  No matter ; still on the screens seen by many and received an OSCAR . Doesn’t it point out something? Leave that, but, a man getting taunted fact by his divorced wife that he’s unable to handle a real wife , better for him to stay that way. The operating system falling in love with him as well as with 641 other people which it is in conversation with. The fact that he’s not the only one left the man devastated. To me this concept was hilarious, but it sure is the direction that western society and culture points out to. I was thinking and each time i thought about it , it became more obvious  humans has lost their worth altogether. Computers are now more important. Humanity has lost it’s value.  It’s not just computers , it’s all around us now. Just see and you are never freed from it’s bounds. On the other hand the beneficial use of these things can be a turning point in our many others lives. It’ll be requiring a lot of self-control . 

Think about it. The more importance you give to something , the more is the chance that you get obsessed with it. It’s important that we analyze ourselves on daily basis just to see where do we stand and that we are not letting the extreme pressure control us. 

May Allah guide and help us all in the world where it is very easy to do the sin. Ameen.

Jazak Allah for reading, Barak Allah hu wa feekum. 
Asslam u alaikum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatuhu.


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