haha 😀 loved this post, simply amazaing ^_^
quoting directly from post “there is no reason or excuse why a woman can’t make a difference or make her voice heard, even from her kitchen.”

Adventures of Faiza

This is a response to the Dawn Blog post Why I won’t be cheering for Shahid Afridi anymore.

Image Photo courtesy of espncricinfo.com.

First. We love Afridi the cricketer; not Afridi the feminist. He is not a women’s advocate, nor a spokesperson for a feminist organization. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If this were not true, then we would not have had the pleasure to read the letter that Ms. Chughtai addressed to Shahid Afridi ever so ardently expressing hers.

Second. What did you expect? It should not come as a surprise that Afridi is from a conservative family. Cricket star or not – he doesn’t seem like one to say it’s okay for women in Peshawar to be running around on a cricket field. Of course not. And above all, he did not say anything outrageous. He simply said the women of Pakistan have certain zaiqa in…

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