Cultural diversity begins to overshadow the teachings of Islam, and somehow is becoming the cause of weakening Muslims. it’s a misfortune study. The culture when amalgamated with religion creates the problem that wasn’t there before . The problems are now hard to focus or handle because they are self created. Then they get to a point where modifications in religion become allowable to certain individuals. They are however nothing but excuses to keep leaning on with the cultural norms. It is such a sad happening.

I’ve had a discussion and came to know this mystic concept about Sufism. It was something i was unaware of, but what i came to know about it was hugely shocking. There are people who can go in depths for proving wrong things right, even when they acknowledge or realize the truth. I always wondered how the modifications start to creep into our so beautiful religion , but never quite stepped on the answer. But last week, I did find out. 

Before independence, the Muslims used to live with Hindus and Sikhs so they were quite a mixture. The religion that one sect practiced or is said that they practiced was Sufism. The main theme of this sect was to attract non-Muslims towards Islam by adopting their culture in a form ( which was made ) acceptable in Islam. It was such a dishonor, such a wrong thing to do. It gave rise to  the bidda’s . Some positive points were there, The people of that sect used to help every human being no matter what religion did they belong to, no matter of their cast, more or less the Islamic notion of equality. Those who don’t harm Muslims or their religion are good to go and they shouldn’t be harmed by Muslims as well, elaborating teachings of Islam. What they didn’t realize was they themselves were harming their own religion. How could they maintain the uniquness of islam by allowing something completely disdainful that is Qawalli and Dhamaal in form of music and dance which had religious spirituality in it. It was a way of getting closer to God. It was a way of showing non-Muslims that Islam isn’t a religion of hard and fast rules instead it is very flexible. Clarifications like music is halaal as Allah has put rhythms in everything in nature , for instance, wind, birds…


It’s such a similarity of notions with the people of modern era. It’s such a dumb thing to rely upon. 
I mean,it doesn’t even make any sense , on the surface it looks like it justifies they way world is moving. But, is that what was a purpose defined by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam?? Is it truly justified?? I inquired that in the discussion I’ve had. Is that a way that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam inspired people? No! He did inspire but through his character not by adapting to the adaptations of the locals. He was offered highest place among Quraish’s but he refused. If there was a way that Islam could be made more flexible , it would have been done by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam. If by adopting the norms of other cultures were allowed , it would’ve been done by Prophet Muhammmad sallallahu alaihi wasallam! He would’ve accepted that offer and would’ve asked people by accepting their cultural norms, but No! he hated the culture of Quraish instead. He despised it very much. Islam is something far more and far above the culture, I believe that Islam is unique and the people who are coming in the folds of Islam acquire it’s teaching because they find peace in it as Islam is, not as what they wished it is. Yes! It has defined rules, yes it has defined norms. These rules doesn’t make Islam hard but modifying it’s standards does make it hard and impermissible.

Barak Allah hu Feekum.
Assalam u alaikum wr wb !


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