A long time now fellas, i have thought about writing but i was so numb that nothing came up my mind. It’s either because i think too much or as my friends says it, “STOP THINKING!” .
THING is is I cannot do so because more or less I cannot stop caring.

It’s weird but I have this faith that this world is still full of people who have that sense which cares about not hurting others with their actions. I don’t know but every time somebody gets hurt or i get hurt this faith also moves from it’s place just a little bit more towards a pit. It should’ve been shaken and lost by now if everybody just do something nice to obtain a certain kind of reaction. To me , it’s very different. I have a certain kind of perspective and i have learnt that by observing many that when a person really really gets the idea of this world, they let go and forgive easily . This develops not because of despair but because of the intention that what i do will be rewarded by Allah and Allah rewards the patient ones in the best of manner. Moreover, the pleasures/desires/atrocities are not what we are brought in this world for , our purpose and goal is different . We do not live to please , we live to serve/obey our Lord Allah. And to Him will we return!
Sometimes to get hurt is the irrevocable entity of one’s life. It is so, because we cannot authorize our actions. Sure, it is our choice to do what we do. But is it, really? I don’t think so. Everything happens as it was supposed to happen. Also nothing can alleviate what comes after that though, but our attitude counts. The attitude of gratitude and courage is all that counts sometimes. Don’t give up, don’t despair for you have the journey that moves on and leads to places that is unknown , leads to people who are unknown and you destroy your future by despairing in your present. Spare a moment to think ,spare a moment to let go. Spare a moment to forgive. It feels better and lighter. 

Your heart is precious, take care of it. With that note I forgive who hurts me and i let go of for what’s not meant to be mine.
Cheerio. Have a great weekend. ^.^


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