Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Life is full of surprises , both good and bad. Pleasant it is when something good works out and shocking when it doesn’t. In both cases life does examines us. Whether we are grateful, whether we are humble and patient or we are arrogant, critical , ungrateful and insensitive. Although it’s very very difficult to judge your own self at a particular situation but it ain’t impossible because of the presence of conscience. It’s always there constantly pinching us , constantly trying to improve us. Us humans are however skilled masters of putting it down again and again and again. 
There are stars inside of us , our heart is a star as it shines so brightly when it is following the truth sincerely and it’s almost invisible when it follows anything other than the truth. 
What is the truth? 
What is right?
It’s inside of us , it’s wanting us to reach it down, 
To help it grow.
The truth is in love of Allah and His people.



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