Sometimes i wonder what is change really .. how are people changed? how come they get so much inspired just within moments that they revert from being someone else to absolutely someone else. Sometimes it is quite astonishing and wonderful, really. But other times , it’s not even consistent just like a game.

I guess almost with everybody this is quite common. It’s not a commotion but we really are never determined enough to follow the route and the reason is “there aren’t enough reminders” & “there is motivation but not the kind that our hearts melts on about and understands immediately” . These are a very few reasons but sometimes i do wonder,
When a person is not even determined to a degree of self actualization , how will his/her initial thoughts gets deterred? When a person is so full of himself/herself? Why a need be to change or critically analyze oneself?

Thoughts are whatever i do is right and i cannot be wrong and what i will do will also be right, no matter what , how ill really ! Why a need be of optimism? When within the walls of pessimism an illusionary optimism is getting all the
attention. Who cares about the results anyway? Who cares about the thoughts anyway?

Life isn’t complicated. Life is easy why make it complicated? when actually by making it easy we make it complicated.



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