There would be someone UP there , In the limitless Sky . Who will be watching me. Who will reward me. Who will not see my weaknesses but the Good that i have done, Who will believe that all i have done is For Him. For Him to be happy! I don’t want this world to know how good i am, i only want Him to acknowledge and make me Truthful. All else is in His hands, as He is the one Who Grants Everyone!


Ever thought what life would be like without any of the most vital organs? I am sure you will say, “DUH” we would die of course or be extinct by now. I agree . If only one of the above things weren’t a part of us we’ll all have been disable in many ways.

Brain; thinking is the oxygen of brain. we stop thinking our brain dies. How funny is that we keep thinking and thinking and sometimes goes into depression or some other kinds of life threatening scenarios . . .

Also wondering who does what to reach that stage. Think is the answer. !

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