Assalam u alaikum,

Before starting to learn arabic on my blog , I want to just share the purpose behind it. Arabic is necessary for us to learn in order to have a better understanding of Quran. It’s the language that is only looked at differently and only perceived as difficult whereas as it is what’s our true language so even a little effort will make it very easy to learn and it’ll be a revision for me too, Insha’Allah.


So, lets start learning fellows. I’ll try my level best to keep posting and post one article each day to help it remain easy and comfortable in understanding and learning for you. My ustadh is ustadh Nouman Ali khan and all the lessons are his teachings ..
So, lets get started now:

There are 3 kinds of words in Arabic:
اسم : Ism is name of person,place, thing, idea , adjective,adverb and more..
فعل : Fa’il is a word that is either stuck in the past tense or present tense or future tense.
حرف : Harf is a word that makes no sense unless another word comes after it.

Make sure you memorize the definitions along with examples. Of Course some examples can be quoted by the readers themselves here..
Moving on..
Ism has four properties :
1) Status
2) Number
3) Gender
4) Type

First of all Status is what we’ll cover : 
Status is something that we’ll figure out by using some examples:

  1.  I was eating too much chocolate
  2.  My teeth began aching
  3.  My dentist gave me a root canal

I,My,Me are all pointing towards Me in these sentences . Status is all about what is the word doing in the sentence.
Now, figure out who is the most important character the above mentioned 3 sentences. The most important character is the one who does something, the one who is the actor is the doer.. and hence a doer status lets figure out the actors of all the sentences:
1) I
2) Teeth
3) Dentist
So, that is the doer, the actor the ones who are important and the ones who are doing somethings in the sentence.. (Task: Make up some sentences on your own and try to figure out the doers in them )
 Now, lets talk about detail  What did i eat? What began aching? What did the dentist give? Who did it give it to? All the answers that you get are what status now? They are detail status.
What are the details of a doer is what makes up a details status .. Figure out the details
1) What did i eat? Chocolate is a detail.
2) Now aching cannot be a detail because it is a tense aching, reading, studying . So, it can only be fa’il. (Do ask queries if you don’t understand)
3) What did the dentist give? A root canal is a detail. Who did it give it to? He gave it to me is also a detail.

So lets leave it off here , and see how you guys carry on with it.. 
Barak Allah hu feekum.


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