Assalam u alaikum,

My ustadh is ustadh Nouman Ali khan and all the lessons are his teachings..

Okay fellas, lets keep on going with the lesson . I hope you had no problem with the first one . Let’s revise a bit..
There are 4 properties Ism :
Status, Number Gender, and Type.

We started off with the status that is the very first one..
Then we carried on talking about doer status and detail status:
1. Doer status is given to the Doer of the Fi’l and answers the question, who did the Fi’l? In the sentence:
He ate his lunch. “He” did the eating, and is considered the doer.

2. Detail Status refers to details of the Fi’l and answers additional questions related to the Fi’l like who, what, where, when, why, and how. For example:
He ate his lunch quickly outside yesterday.
What did he eat? Lunch
When did he eat? Yesterday
Where did he eat? Outside
How did he eat? Quickly
All of these words are considered details of the Fi’l.

Today , we’ll carry on with the After “of” Status:
Let’s see what that is..
There’s a sentence ,
“The messenger of Allah taught us.”

Who’s the doer? ?
The messenger (s.a.w.w) .. right..
What’s the detail?
“of Allah?” No actually that’s not the detail.

First note that , the doer and the detail status always has to do with the fi’l. How?
It is doer of the fi’l and it’s the detail of the fi’l in every sentence. Do Notice that in the examples that you have carried on before or that you have done yourselves.

Now, read this carefully:
When you turn the sentence “of Allah in the sentence above” into a question , what do you make ?
Whose messenger was he? right?
Did you say anything about the fi’l ? No.
What is it then? It’s an after of status. An after of status has nothing to do with the fi’l.

Let’s take another example here, 
“My teeth began aching”.
What is “my” in the sentence? Doer, detail or after of?
We can only figure that out by making a question out of it? My teeth ? Teeth “of” mine.. So what does it make?
That’s right, “My” is an after of status .

That was all for today .. For the next lesson memorize the following as it is:
(Task) From now on we’ll never say doer, detail or after of status because we’re learning arabic there must be some feel of it right 🙂 So, here goes:
1. Doer Status ( رفع Raf’)
2. Detail Status (نصب Nasb)
3. After “of” status (جر Jarr)

Do the Exercise below and i’ll post the answer key in the next post .. So, examine yourself in how you’re going and ask away if you have any queries .

A. In the following sentences, circle the doer of the Fi’l فعل , underline the details of the Fi’l فعل , and box words that are after “of” status (the words in bold are Fi’l فعل , so they don’t get any of these labels).
a. The kids played in the room with a bat.
b. They broke the lamp.
c. Their mother yelled at them.
a. The kids opened a lemonade stand in the summer.
b. The grown-ups bought all the lemonade.
c. The teenagers stole their money.
a. His alarm clock rang loudly.
b. He hit the “snooze” button repeatedly.
c. He got stuck in traffic.

Jazak Allah.
Barak Allah hu feekum.


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