Assalam u alaikum,

My ustadh is ustadh Nouman Ali khan and all the lessons are his teachings..
The answer key for the previous lesson is as follows, match your answers:



I hope you guys are with me so far here. As nobody asks no questions , i’ll assume some of you who are learning are getting it fully.
Todays lesson is very small but make sure you do a lot of practise And make your sister or anyother to help you memorize the lesson for today.
So, now remember another most basic step and try to remember it always:
In English language, it identifies the doer based on the sentence sequence. In other words, if we say, ‘Bob helped Joe,’ then Bob is the doer. If we say, ‘Joe helped Bob,’ then Joe is the doer. In Arabic, on the other hand, it isn’t the sequence that tells us who the doer is. Rather, it’s the way a word sounds at the end that determines whether it’s the doer (رفع), the detail (نصْب), or after ‘of’ (جر).

A sound is of three types depicting all 3 properties of Ism :

1) رفع :    the sound of u or un .. that is
2) نصْب : the sound of a or an ..
3) جر : the sound of i or in ..
I hope you these sounds are clear enough if not these examples will help a little ..
 كتابٌ  andكتابُ

كتابَ and  كتابً

كتابِ and  كتابٍ 

Do a little bit of exercise now having simple words which ends with the sounds mentioned above.
Jazak Allah.
Barak Allah hu feekum. 


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