Assalam u alaikum,

My ustadh is ustadh Nouman Ali khan and all the lessons are his teachings..

Before starting today : I want you guys to know what are zabar , zer n paish called in arabic:
فتحه is the arabic for zabr
كسره is the arabic for zer
دمّه is the arabic for paish

Now , today we are going to memorize some more stuff. These lessons are small and easy to carry on with given that you apply some time doing them with sincerity, Insha Allah. 

مسلِمٌ (‘Singular Raf)    مسلِمَان (‘Pair Raf)
مسِلماً (Singular Nasb)     مسلِمَىْنِ (Pair Nasb)
مسلِمٍ (Singular Jarr)     مسلِمَىْنِ (Pair Jarr)

Easy lesson there , 
The singular ones you guys already know but the pair ones are the ones we don’t know. Also singular ones make ending sounds only (previous lesson ) where as now the pair and plural ones makes ending combinations like aani for two raf’, ayeni for two nasb, also ayeni for two jarr. 
What does the words above means:
مسلِمَان    two muslims (raf’ that is doer status)
 مسلِمَىْنِ   two muslims (Nasb that is detail status)
 مسلِمَىْنِ   two muslims ( Jarr that is after of status)

1) A __*Muslim*__ travelled.
2) I met __*2Muslims*__
3) The religion of __*2Muslims*__ is Islam. 
How to solve:
1) The translation of first word i.e. Muslim is doer and is singular so it would be *** مسلِمٌ (‘Singular Raf) ***
2) The translation of the 2nd word is detail and pair so its translation would be ***  مسلِمَىْنِ (Pair Nasb or Jarr) *** (Note that since they’r both the same so we have to include both of them for now).
3) The translation of the third word is after of status because it comes after “of” so its translation would also be ***  مسلِمَىْنِ (Pair Nasb or Jarr) *** (Note that since they’r both the same so we have to include both of them for now).

Now you know two of the basic things of arabic that is singular and pair. 
Lets do some exercise, answer key would be posted with the next post :

A. How would you say the underlined words in Arabic? Think of the job each word is playing to figure out its status.
1. Pen ( (قلم)
a. The pen broke. ________________
b. I found a pen. ________________
c. The two pens write well. ________________
d. She gave him two pens. ________________
e. The two pens’ erasers are new.________________
2. Student (طالب)
a. The two students studied. ________________
b. I met two students. ________________
c. The book of the student ________________
d. The student passed. ________________
e. Two students’ grades ________________

Jazak Allah.
Barak Allah hu feekum. 


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