Assalamu alaikum wr wb everyone,

Ramadhan is on it’s way Alhamdulilah. Start gathering up for it Insha’Allah.

The best of months for the whole year is about to come. Alhamdulilah , Allah’s favour upon us will let us reach this month and enjoin upon its blissful blessings Insha’Allah. Recite the following dua before ramadan,

Ramadhan is the month of pure blessings and ultimate forgiveness for Muslims. This months blessings are too many to count. Therefore to fully take the advantage we should make a to do list for ramadhan even before it comes. The reason is not because it is obligatory but because of the habitual control over ourselves. We should be able to restrict ourselves and should be able to do this outside of ramadhan. Before doing that we should realize its importance and know that we might not be able to see the next ramadhan. I know it’s shocking, dreadful and unimaginable thing to talk about but do we really know that we’ll survive or last that long? No, we cannot know. However, we can always prepare for the struggle in attaining God consciousness (taqwa) and hope that Allah forgives us for our sins and rewards us for our little efforts, Insha’Allah.

Lets try and make a small list to carry on about the whole ramadhan and lets start practising before the arrival of the blessed month so to be habitual just a little time before & to attain taqwa Insha’Allah:

Start reciting Quran or finish the Juzz left which you’ve already been reciting all through the year. Could’ve been at the last chapters so finish them to start anew in the Ramadhan. 🙂 Starting for ramadhan can also help you finishing in time so start reciting from the start if you are slow or gets slow during the month so you can do small amount during the first week. 🙂 Suite yourselves better , Plan better because Quran connects you with Allah subhana wa ta’ala in the best of experience.
Do all necessary eid shopping before ramadhan so you don’t go running off during ramadhan or in the last nights of ramadhan which are most blessed night. Do this for saving your time. Also do add the cooking recipes that can be cooked and frozen before ramadhan although don’t do this while you are in Pakistan (load shedding problems might ruin your efforts) , instead think about a schedule for the whole week and make sure that you have the necessary dried ingredients in store.
Analyze your routine and try to stay up after fajr from now on so you might get to do it during Ramadhan Insha’Allah. Observe yourself a little bit more and see when your energy levels are at the highest e.g. after asr or right after you get up from sleeping. Start reciting quran on those times and optimize the levels to highest as much as you can Insha’Allah.
 Organize your goal list: Make sure that you critically analyze yourself and gets a habit that you feel is the most annoying one and try to minimize it to the extent that you can. You cannot exterminate the habit just within a month but you can be determined enough to get it lessened by applying some tactics and realize that you are doing it for the sake of Allah and nothing will be able to get into your way Insha’Allah. Get to know how you can make shaytaan go sideways. e.g. these habits include you being obstinate , apply strategies like being quite ,understanding and reasonable suiting the situation and overcome the habit to reply instantly by being just a little bit quite. You’ll see a massive difference insha’Allah. Sometimes, we are very ungrateful people. we try to make the worst of all the blessings we have and never truly appreciate them, on top of it we hurt others with our attitude as well. This also needs to be changed and it can start of with every time we pray Alhamdulilah in 5 obligatory prayers we should focus on it’s meaning. For if we are muslims we have to be the people of gratitude and patience. Stop cursing and backbiting, there are a lot of bad habits that we all have try and get rid off of one of them . Attain peace Insha’Allah. This point is specifically important because thinking leads to action and with an empty stomach a mind can realize the blessings and also think in whichever manner it want to. Do optimize your thinking.
Organize your dua list : Last point but the very important one. You gets all the ashra duas so not them but also the ones that you want to make. Duas needs to be organized and gets properly said so search for them . You know your duas better than anybody else so prioritize them even make a list if need be. 


Barak Allah hu feekum. Jazak Allah.



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