Assalam u alaikum,

Ramadan is here with its full blessings. It is a month in which we can strengthen as well as empower our connection with Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Levels of connection with Allah makes us more humble and more humane in our connection with the world as well ! 
Today however , I want to discuss a small topic. Courtesy to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

Connection with Allah matures when we fear disapointing Him as much as we fear the Hellfire. It’s similar to a child who fails to do a task his/her parents allotted and he/she fears punishment of the parents but also fear the disappointment causes to thee parents. It’s a beautiful example and explains quite well How Allah Subhana wa ta’ala loves his creation.

While reaching Allah always make sure that you have the purest of intent. This is important to know becuase sometimes we reach Allah with just confused attitudes. We fail to realize that the connections don’t just establish, we fail to realize that the effort we are putting to make this connection is very low, that we are not in it with full sincerity of our hearts. That is where the trouble begins, donot let yourself reach that troubled state for it is important to know that Allah LISTENS. He is the ONLY listener when nothing makes sense when everything is messed up. The beautiful thing is that the connections maturity provides thee the courage to do what is right irrespective of the reactions. It is because All the connector is concerned about is the CONNECTION. Connector worries about how not to weaken that connection even if it means hurting their own selves.


Enjoy the Barakahs Of Ramadan by Renewing the Connection or Even Refereshing it. Insha’Allah.
Jazak Allah hu Khayr. ^_^


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