Assalam u alaikum wr wb !

Alhamdulilah the first ashra of Ramadaan is about to end with so many blessings around already. It truly feels like the shaytaan is locked up and we just need to work a little bit to get rid of him if determined , of course.
Last week however, I came across this brilliant lecture and thought about writing a little.
Gratitude is the goodness of a person to the extent that one relies totally upon Allah Subhana Wa Ta’aala. It is a fine quality of a believer to be grateful infact, it is a very important one.
Wisdom is an asset of a believer. Or i should rather say a lost asset now. Wisdom is according to luqman in the Quran while he advise his sons:

“Be grateful to Allah…”

The best thing is during the age of luqman there wasn’t any prophet .It is recorded that he lived between the age when prophets arrived. He was so very wise that he recognized Allah Subhana Wa Ta’aala just through his wisdom that Allah provided him with.
According to luqman

“Wisdom lies in the gratifying attitude of a believer . Without this wisdom there can be serious troubles though. “


Point to ponder over :

شكر is the arabic word for gratitude whereas كفر is the Arabic for ingratitude as well.
Now this is important to know because most of the time we are just grateful by words not by choice or by heart. A believer is always grateful even in the difficult times. Gratefulness also requires an immense amount of trust upon Allah Subhana Wa Ta’aala. I am sure there are many times in all of our lives when we fail to see our benefit in some situation and later on we realize Alhamdulilah for that calamity because if it was not for that “particular” calamity , I couldn’t be grateful for where I am now but whichever way I didn’t see the point in that time. Do ponder over it. I’m sure you will feel grateful. 

Is it not Allah who has turned our hearts back to normal? Allah cures our hearts then we should turn back to Him in Repentance and Humbleness.

Meanwhile, Keep working your way to attain piety and Allah’s pleasure . Practise gratefulness for it is a perfect way to calm the restless hearts and guides the heedless.

Barak Allahu feekum. 
Jazak Allah.


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