Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

In the life there are many ups and downs many highs and lows. The life never cease though , it keeps on moving changing paces and sometimes changing intensity of situations. There are many who come into this life of ours who fail to comprehend us as who we are, then there are some who values us for who we are and how we are. Sometimes I wonder we cannot have everybody appreciating us because then we would’ve loose our own value or somewhat become most arrogant and just very full in ourselves so we have to have some disagreements , some understandings in which we can be right sometimes and wrong other times so to be humble and remain humble.

Many a times we ignore these concerns, we ignore the people who value us or who actually likes us instead we mock them we ridicule them in their faces , the funny thing is this world doesn’t even offer us many who care for us in a true sense and still we push away. This can also be a denying of a  blessing which is wrong from where I in-see. It maybe that for the time being one don’t see any disadvantage to that , maybe even no need in caring for how another feels but someday there will be a outcome and maybe a crucial one. For how can there be not? I believe a heart shedding a tear out of hurt can shake a whole being. So then, how can we take it so lightly upon ourselves and upon others. This month I’ve been thinking and thinking and realizing there are sadists all around us, some are sadists not by nature but by choice. A human when hurt another can feel a pinch of hurt in themselves of course if there is any amount of goodness left in them. 

Appreciate , love and value those who love you . Especially those who have no worldly concern but loves us just for Allah’s sake, Make dua for them , forgive them . Don’t tease them. Don’t harm them with the sharpness of your tongue. Believe that them are the blessings who are the a way for you to be even guided and move towards your God. These are the reasons enough to pray and respect people out of the love of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’aala.

Jazak Allah.
Have a blessed, grateful and appreciative Ramadan to you.


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