Bismillah hi rahman ni raheem,
Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Today what I want to write about is the love of Allah subhana wa taa’ala. But before directly jumping to the topic , first I want to write what this terminology really is? How far does it affect our lives ? & Why do we love?

It is a human nature to love and to be loved . Rather often it is seen that humans give less and expect more. They desire more and deserve less. They want more and seek less. They attract towards beauties more and towards knowledge far less. Observing around , I always find all thats mentioned, to be quite true. Meanwhile always wanting an answer. 
This terminology “love” is a mystery for many , a lie for some and deception for many as well. What a human is, however; a pack of needs and wants , for the sake of these desires makes them do crazy stuff. These desires is what make humans imperfect, and not just imperfect but much worse sometimes. I’ll call “love” a basic deriving need of all humans and because we don’t understand this terminology very well many people gets to a point where they even gets destructive. 

All humans have imperfections, all of them have inabilities and insufficiencies . They all prove to be vitiate in one way or another. They are not made to legislate themselves of perfections but to remain humble and be forgiving within the mitigation of their own selves that is to be perfect in their imperfection. How beautifully are we made,right? Subhana Allah !

So what do we do? Should we not love anybody due to our imperfections?
Should we rather start hating and spread hatred? No, This will absolutely destroy our purpose. We are here to love. To give and to receive but within the limitations defined for us. We cannot love a person or thing above the love of Allah subhana Wa Taa’ala. Why? I’ve explained that above, mainly though there are these reasons:

  1. Everything and everyone is mortal. 
  2. There is no guarantee of reliability or even trust worthiness of anyone or anything in the long run. i.e the beauty fades, the seasons change and the things break. 

There is this beautiful beautiful excerpt of sheikh abdul qadir jillani’s writing , who explains it all about where should a man go then? Who should he love and who not? & What does loving Allah subhana wa ta’aala grant a person with? 

O man! who says, whoever I love , gets separated from me . Many a times with disease, enemies, or even misunderstanding. O Stupid! You are the lucky one who Allah loves . He has sweared by His honor upon you . Allah loves you and you love somebody else, Wake up! Be like a broken vessel which cannot contain the love of anybody but Allah. When you’ll run after an unknown , Allah will break you through that unknown and when you’ll submit to Allah, Allah will make everything for you . Your relationships, your likenesses and your fortunes will be returned back to you. To whom you loved and cried for will now love you and will cry out for you but your heart will no longer desire them. Remember for however long you will make these desires keep on sticking with you, you’ll suffer. 

-No one can make you feel inferior


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