Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I hope you guys are all doing fine and taking misery out of your lives little by little because that is a hard process but if it gets worked on , it becomes really easy and hence really peaceful and blissful as well. 
Before directly talking about patience I want to highlight the very basic foundation which is required for the attainment of this quality . intention_painting
Have you ever relied on anybody? Think about anybody, for instance your parents , your siblings or your teachers. Does it go fine every time? And when it doesn’t go fine , do they make up for it in the best way every time? Even though these people are the people who are most concerned about you. Yet in some cases the trust breaks, the lies dwindle here and there, the promises break,  and in many other scenarios even though we are absolutely right we are not to get listened to at the right time. I always reflect on why does it happen? Why cannot life be fair at all times? Why do we all have to struggle so much even if we are good people. The answer is actually very simple. We have prioritized our trust and reliance in a very wrong channel. We think everything is happening due to any worldly causes, concerns or through someone who therefore has become the cause. That cannot possibly be the case because the same person makes you go down at other times. The same thing can break which helped us in one scenario.
What is it then?  

The source of reliance is Allah subhana wa taa’ala because He is the one who is the creator of those causes. If He wills, it will happen. If He wills not , it will never be. This is probably the most hard concept, although it changes the lives forever.  This is the only belief which makes a Muslim, be calm and patient in most of the situations. Does that mean we shouldn’t trust people ? Does it mean we shouldn’t thank them for being the cause that some blessing came our way? No! It’s absolutely not why this reflection is needed but it is needed because we need a pure heart which acknowledges its true maker and which is thankful and is true to everybody.

You see this balances everything even your approach towards life, towards your many expectations. You get to believe that people and things are not the true source of your happiness , rather it is the creator who has benefited me with so much , with my life hence with beautiful people around me. How come I really fail to acknowledge that?
Now that we understand the main foundation , patience becomes the best self defense mechanism for one’s soul. This is where the life gets a whole new perspective , this is where a person gets a heart which becomes serene , the self reliance and a grateful attitude towards everybody keeping a soft demeanor.. 
Being patient not only gives one a peace of mind but also defense vise a strong personality is created ? How ? 
Hasad , envy , jealousy, too much pain, anxiety, & too much anger,are very harmful violations of one’s soul from which we want protection and to those we should be patient about at some time. It is said that they create bad situations for the person one who is in all those things or some of them but this is not just a one way road, the person who builds these emotions inside of them has a light of fire inside their hearts and that creates an achingly bright pain as well.

What can be the solution? 
To envy, jealousy, too much excitement, too much pain, anxiety  a person who knows self control and patience and applies it accordingly gets to get saved from the bad situations. It might mean not letting it all out while you are too angry, it means not say or shout out wrong phrases while too much happy or too much sad, it means to keep a safe heart by removing all kinds of heart diseases even acknowledging and removing bad thoughts knowing for sure that it will be harmful for yourself as well as a blasting grenade for others . So, a wise person makes a wise choice that is they become patient after all of that.
Keep a ‪#‎safe‬ ‪#‎heart‬

Also, the person gets to know this and love of Allah automatically develops. The awesome thing is Allah loves those who relies upon Him in all matters. We should all decide for ourselves where are our priorities and back ground trusts? Is it really with Allah? If yes, then which level are we on and how can we increase in that level? If not, then what are the measures one should apply to attain the level one degree reliance on Allah subhana wa taa’la.

Prioritize your actions , analyze and choose wisely. Know that Jannah is better than anything and anyone ^_^

May Allah be among the biggest of our helpers and may He make us reflect upon all the bigger and better perspectives of life. May he grant us the jannah which is full of His mercy.



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