Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Allah’s mercy no doubt has no end , He doesn’t look at the sin itself but the intention with what the sin is done. & What is a person’s reaction afterwards.#Taubas #Importance

There was once a man who did 99 murders, Murder is a sin which is unforgivable for a Muslim and a Muslim knows that . So, the man felt guilty about it . (Intention) He wanted to leave the place in order to go somewhere where he don’t sin and live among the company whose friendship makes you grow and be noble. Where he can ask for forgiveness and finally be noble and start a new life because he despised the life he already has. (Act) He finally went out to carry out what he intended for but..
In the way , his time for death arrives and both angels that is the angels of mercy and the angels of punishment arrives and starts to fight each other of who will take his life? Strange situation. I mean he only thought about leaving the sin. He died and the place where he died now has to be measured by the command of Allah subhana wa ta’aala. Measured how?
If the distance of his departure is greater than the distance of his destination than the angels of punishment will take his life .
If the distance of his destination is greater than the distance of his departure than the angels of mercy will take his life .
The man won with the distance of a hand-span or 9 inches. Allah hu Akbar ! #Allah‘s #Mercy

>Allah doesn’t need us to pray for Him. I see this is a huge misconception around. Sometimes we fail to believe some things just because we are not in a dire need of them but to look deeply and to be able to insee is such a mercy because that makes our will power strong , May we be able to to insee (sometimes that is all that matters). Ameen.
#Make #Good #Intentions


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