Assalam u alaikum wr wb,
Again it’s been a while since I have written something. Damn I so want to write and now write a lot.
Alhamdulilah life is crawling little by little and alhamdulilah things are happening more and more.With each passing day I feel like I gain something for my soul and it is only due to a connection that I have tried to create with a book and through that unique book with the creator of myself and the creator of the whole universe. It would be easy for me to ignore many things as it is for many of us. It wouldn’t create any hustle nor would it change my mind if I give everything a rest and just stay home for a while and do as everybody says . Which most definitely revolves around one thing that which is this world

and its belongings. All I can do is to think about this world and not acknowledge certain undeniable facts. I can skim through many things and just keep at the surface.
I am sorry.
I fail to do this.
I fail to give a crap only about myself and not think
about any other soul alive.
With this ,
I also realize I am vulnerable, I am weak , I need improvements.
I don’t want to give up, I do want to try.
I don’t want to live only for this world and its precious desires . I want to have a purpose a bigger and a higher purpose . To achieve that I’d have to put some effort.

I realize this now because I have tried to put some effort. I want my readers to know that we all have a potential needed from us to please our Lord. We all can work for the betterment of our hereafter. Not that we can,but we should.
Why should we?
Do we need this?
We need a better hereafter. Yes, we need a peace and happiness of this world as well. I want myself and I want you all to think about this… Are we really content? Should we be content? Or we can go on living with the flow(damn I used to say that.) What should be the flow? Do we define our flows for ourselves or do we give it some thought? We actually look at the surface of the things. We actually deep down don’t want to think and critically evaluate ourselves and many things around us which is my dear reader, a flaw in my personality and yours.

While reading , reading, writing and thinking again .I have completed a juzz of the Holy Quran. There’s nothing of more importance anymore. Nothing more reliable.I feel like the book talking to me , the book being alive and actually talking to me about every little and minute details of my life.
It feels like when the priorities changes , the life changes.
To stick to these goals, to keep a constant connection, I feel like I need to struggle. It doesn’t mean that you become a saint overnight, it means somethings matter for you more now. Some things are far more important than just a view .Because a view or a opinion is not from the skies above,but a conviction is sent to you from the skies above. It’s hard to put the feelings into words because it is only a connection you feel on your own.
After that it’s not only this, it’s a whole process, a whole journey. A whole new life which is not possible without constant struggle and regular sacrifices.

    Remember that,       If you don’t define a path at
May Allah gives us all steadfastness in making our convictions strong, in making those convictions strong which are far more important because they provide contentment to our souls and make our lives beautiful with each passing day. Ameen.


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