Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I hope you are doing fine, reader. 
Today what I want to talk about is how much obliged we should be towards Allah subhana wa taa’ala and how much we really are. How much grateful are we for the favors of the Allah subhana Wa ta’aala. Do we even acknowledge the favors?


When a calamity strikes us , we say and think , why me?
When we get deprived of something, we say and think, I just wanted this one thing I don’t even ask for more why am I not granted then? Why is life so unfair with me? Why doesn’t God listen to my prayers?


I want me and you to think for a moment. What do we have? How much do we have? For How long are we in control of it? Do I deserve what I have? How much work have I done for what I have? Am I capable enough and am I handling well of all that I have? So, of all the blessings like eyes,ears , other body parts and many others that I cannot even totally count. I am not grateful . Not only ungrateful but also I am negligent of all these blessings because I get them so often and I use them very frequently. 

To elucidate a little bit more lets take an example. A friend in need is a friend indeed. It’s a very old moral lesson and very true too . Lets see it in another way, A mother takes care of a child. A mother does everything from mopping the dirt to feeding them, then what happens when a child grows up? Ping. I tell you what , the favours become so repetitive and so very frequent that we become negligent of them. Now, when a complete stranger or even the one we call our friend whom we know for a year or two or even more, does some sort of favor upon us and we thank them in a manner we have never thanked our mother. What is missing or wrong is not expressing our gratitude towards our friend but how lightly we take the favours of our mother now. How less we are grateful towards her!  #Reflection

Lets now see , how much obliged we should be towards Allah subhana wa taa’ala and how much we really are?
Allah gives us everything. From a toe’s nail to the basic body part that is heart. He made us. Time after sometime He tests us so we become aware of these blessings, acknowledge them and don’t totally forget Him While going about in our lives. Not only a test but also He knows what is best for us and what is not, so He deprives us of somethings and gives us somethings better but later. In former view, He tests us so to exhaust us and to give us something which no eye has seen before that is the heaven’s abode. It is like just before the exams, a student who wants to pass the exam or take good marks has to exhaust themselves doing deep studies even if those studies bore them to death. Else, the frustration it gives is a punishment itself. Same is the life test , one needs exhaustive preparations for death, taking this life as an exam. Because the reward is much bigger and will be for those who deeply exhaust themselves for it.
In the latter view, Allah subhana wa taa’ala knows what is best for us, it only takes a certain amount of patience and little bit of wisdom to not whine about at the time of calamity and trust in His timings. Allah has the full authority along with the love for His mankind who worships Him. Allah does not let us go lost , all we need is to trust His knowledge which He has of our lives. Hence, He makes it a part of the bigger plan which He has for us. Step by step we move along a journey and everybody has a different journey. 

Bottom line :
A self analysis is needed and only I myself can acknowledge the blessings that I have and the kind of effort I put in to solve my life test. Am I grateful enough is a question I need to ask my self? over and over again.

May Allah grant us all the ability to think and reflect in all the actions that we do . May we be able to deeply reflect in the ayahs of Quran. Ameen.


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