Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Many a times we think that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is very merciful , often it is because we want to sin. This attribute of Allah is a comfort and a hope for all kinds of hearts. Then,we think about Allah subhana wa ta’ala as in a very strict manner and that He will never forgive us , we have sinned too much how do we even stand a chance? So, we stop doing what ever we were doing (Devil’s Aim=Deprivation of hope) . There should be something like a cubicle in which only the people who wants to attain Allah’s nearness should go and all else should be left outside. Is there no way that we can think in a moderate way? In a way that balances and makes us go closer to Allah at the same time. 

Can we be hopeful and fearful at the sametime?

Is it even humanly possible?


Only when we do in depth analysis of what it means to be hopeful and fearful. I have talked about many aspects in which I have talked about Allah’s mercy. This time let’s see how is it that we should also be afraid also. 
Note that Allah teaches us lessons or gives strong Ayahs in Quran so we can be much more conscious of our efforts and not because we become depressed of His mercy. Effort and struggle is however, obligatory.

Some Surah Ibrahim Ayahs:


And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].


Racing ahead, their heads raised up, their glance does not come back to them, and their hearts are void.


And, [O Muhammad], warn the people of a Day when the punishment will come to them and those who did wrong will say, “Our Lord, delay us for a short term; we will answer Your call and follow the messengers.” [But it will be said], “Had you not sworn, before, that for you there would be no cessation?


And they had planned their plan, but with Allah is [recorded] their plan, even if their plan had been [sufficient] to do away with the mountains.


So never think that Allah will fail in His promise to His messengers. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution.


[It will be] on the Day the earth will be replaced by another earth, and the heavens [as well], and all creatures will come out before Allah , the One, the Prevailing.


And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in shackles,


Their garments of liquid pitch and their faces covered by the Fire.


So that Allah will recompense every soul for what it earned. Indeed, Allah is swift in account.


This [Qur’an] is notification for the people that they may be warned thereby and that they may know that He is but one God and that those of understanding will be reminded.

Very strong and powerful ayahs indeed. For a Muslim to be fearful the explanation of these ayahs is necessary. Because we don’t know so we don’t fear just like when we don’t know we cannot love or acknowledge the importance of anything. For the Quran is for the people who uses the intellect. How is it that the man is so ignorant and is going with full speed into the pitfall. Can we even imagine the loss, the humiliation , the way … It is impossible to conjure this loss.
May we be able to reflect and attain the hope of Allah’s mercy and Fear of His punishment and May we all enter Jannah with Allah’s grace and get saved from hell fire . Ameen.

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