Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Sometimes I wonder how hard is it to think deeply about our originality. When I started writing it was so easy to write on random topics without much authentic knowledge and little wisdom that I used on my own. But now it is more difficult to give words to my thoughts. I am becoming less expressionless , sometimes I do wonder why do that happen? & then I get the idea because I forgot how I really was. How I used to write.

I understood about myself and in general ,

That happens to a person when they are under the impact of other people and gives less importance to the real self and hence neglecting real knowledge. 3

We all have a skill . A hidden most appropriate skill which we fail to utilize many a times in our lives because there are so many distractions. So much is now in the form of information that we neglect the basic realizations and hence we don’t start from the start. & We feel the need of start in struggle at least somewhere. Not knowing where , we also fail to look inside for an answer . 
It is so unfortunate that almost all the struggle we have is for this world. SO much and so often that we have forgotten the need of our souls. We Think that we are in control of our destiny and so we lost control of reliance of Allah subhana wa ta’aala and so we stopped asking for help from Him altogether forgetting that without Allah’s help we will not be able to commence the ability to use our abilities. We need Him even when we are doing good , even when our intentions are good. We need to understand the complications of this matter. It is a serious matter. 

Now let’s talk a little bit about that hidden skill of ours. 

“Shut your eyes and see.” – James Joyce

We all have the ability to think. We all make different choices and alternative decisions in our lives. We all give ourselves a motivational call when we get up for the sake of going to universities and colleges and schools in the morning. We know that doing this will groom us , we will excel in our lives but how much do we really think when we by chance get up for the fajr?
How much do we think about this world and how much about the hereafter?

We have forgotten to sacrifice for the sake of our creator. We have forgotten to give our souls the food it demands. Mind that the food our souls demand must be the one that comes from the skies because our soul has descended from the skies.

Take a moment to stand back and think where does our struggles lie? Do we even have a sense of direction when it comes to our religion or we just go back to it when we are in a bad state of health, wealth or anything else.Have we learned to trust Allah subhana wa ta’aala? How much do we count on Him and how much do we give ourselves and the surroundings a credit of out well-being? Are we thankful enough? Are our decisions struggled upon and then settled down only for the sake of Allah? DO we love for the sake of Allah? Do we hate for the sake of Allah? Are we willing to change? How much are we willing to change? 

May Allah grant us the peace of mind and heart. May He gives us the ability to use our abilities in acknowledging Him. May He makes us among the ones who are hopeful and fearful of Him at the sametime. May He makes us like the ones who He loves and may He makes us like the ones who He loves. Allahuma Ameen.


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