Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulilah , it’s almost about time that Ramadan has come very near. We all wait for this month all year. It is because we understand it’s blessings. The gates of heavens gets opened and the gates of hell gets closed.

Ramadan is the month of fasting.

To fast is to attain piousness , it’s not just a ritual. To attain the degree of piousness one must acknowledge Allah’s greatness. To acknowledge Allah’s greatness one must know about Allah from the book that came from Him. ^_^


Let’s look at how we spend this month and what is the significance of it?

Ramadan is the month of Quran. We all keep on hearing this statement. 
What is Quran?

Quran is not just any book, we must realize it’s significance . It is important to know it’s importance to have our hearts open towards it’s significance.
Just last year , I had no idea what it will be like to listen to the words of the ONE who created me. I did recite Quran and completed it as well, but did I also increase in my faith? Did I understand what the creator wanted from me? Did I know how much I wanted to talk to my Allah? Did I know myself like I know now? Did I have a connection with Allah subhana wa taa’ala like I have now after reading Quran? Did I know how the prayers gets answered? Did I understand life after death like I do now?
To be really honest, the answer to all of these questions is “Nay” I have never experienced the pure bliss.


How can we experience this bliss? 

There are several ways of knowing one’s creator. Best is the way by seeking knowledge about Him from the source that came from Him. I believe that when we move away from the real context and look more deeply into other stuff like trying into jump into everything all at once makes the knowledge of Quran lack in it’s essence because we fail to take it step by step. It’s like after a student has done his matriculation you expect him to graduate because he has all the basic knowledge.

The criteria of getting the knowledge of Quran is first and foremost being humble about your knowledge. Ask yourself , how much do I truly know? How much have I read myself? Am I just practicing my own idea about Islam? Am I practicing what my parents think about Islam as truly they’ll know everything and henceforth they must be right? Is my parents even practicing?

These questions has to be asked. The knowledge has to get gathered in order to have knowledge. As most of the time, we say things which are not true or which we have no knowledge about but we say them because we feel them. To feel something is human nature, to question is also natural. But not to get the answers right, not to clear a mind’s confusions is unnatural. Not going the natural way , makes the hearts anxious and it looks for answers in the places other than the place it requires answers from. Allah wants us to have this knowledge about ourselves, that’s why He sent Quran down.

How to get started in this month?


  1. Just make a proper intention. ” I have to know , Who am I?  what is this life? Why the miseries don’t end? Why isn’t God helping me? “. Answers should be in Quran. I am created by Allah, He knows and He tells. That much, I must believe.
  2. Make a sincere prayer. “Oh Allah make me start getting this knowledge little by little, make me understand Quran in it’s true meanings. Ya Allah , make Quran change my heart” Ameen.. (Add more)
  3. Properly plan a proper time anytime in the day. Make it suitable and a time in which you can properly focus.
  4. Know your capability, You have to properly absorb all that you learn one day even if it is one ayah a day.
  5. Look for a place or a person who you can discuss what you read every day or look at the answers for the confusions or troubles you get while reading. ( e.g , ,  a friend who has read Quran or done some proper course, A nearby masjid’s imam ).
  6. You’ll have to know that you have to struggle just a little . You have to realize there must not come any breaks. It has to be a consistent effort. You have to go through all the book so that it sinks in. You have to increase in faith and without some struggle it ain’t possible. (We all have struggled a lot in any course ).
  7. Quran is not a difficult book but a deep book and it’s subject is human himself. But, when a person properly plans to start reading this book, the devil does gets his way around. He knows how to manipulate us as he is our biggest enemy. This devil doesn’t want to see us living peacefully but Allah wants that for us. Now, the choice is ours to make?
  8. A very important point is you don’t have to finish all Quran in this month if you are reading it after so long. It’s a sure thing you’ll take time getting to grasp it’s meaning. The purpose is different. Allah looks at the struggle in your capacity and He rewards a person according to it. What we can do is do only the reciting whenever we get some free time or when we get “BORED” . Rolls eyes, we do plenty of stupid stuff just to kill time in Ramadan, so make sure not a minute goes wasted. We all have all the year for doing all that stuff. Why not give one month to serenity ?
  9. Last nights of Ramadan, we all can get our sins washed. We all can repent. May Allah makes us reach layla tul Qadr and may we be repenting in the night when He forgives us Ameen.

May Allah helps us in gaining the knowledge that benefit our souls. May He be pleased from us and May we get pleased with Him. May He forgives us all during this month and make us closer to Him. May we all understand our priorities and May our intentions gets purer and purer. May we die in the state when Allah is pleased with us.  Ameen.

Jazakumullahu khayrun kaseer.

Assalam u alaikum wr wb.


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