بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulilah , I am writing again. Today I want to write about Allah subhana wa taa’la and a confusion that when made unclear made me realize His Greatness and made me realize how He loves.

 “Say you, He is Allah, the one. Allah the Independent, Care free. He begot none’ nor was He begotten. And nor anyone is equal to Him.”

I always used to think if Allah is carefree, if He doesn’t even need us to worship Him. Why would He make us? How come He loves us? He is independent of all the worship that we do for Him? He is As-Sammad.

Later, I understood this concept and it is so beautiful that it made me all the more grateful.
Allah is our creator, our planner and the ultimate owner of our souls. No one is like Him and He is like no one. Our trouble is without understanding or trying to comprehend His greatness , we exemplify Him with our thoughts. Allah is above and beyond anyone and anything.

He is not like a single being that we have seen nor can we properly induce His greatness. That is how much great He is. He don’t need us to worship Him, He is our creator. It’s more or less saying that a teacher don’t need us to come and do the exam for his self projection rather it’s for our own good. We need to do it for ourselves, so that we can get passed , so that we can get the good grades and so we get a good job. It’s ultimately for our own good. We get the multiple benefits . The teacher without getting the benefits rewards us.

Allah when says He is carefree of our actions and our deeds what it actually means is we need Him and He is not in need of our deeds neither are we powerful enough. It’s the attitude that counts , it’s our humbleness that will make us reach our rewards of His bounty. We need to bow down only before Him, so we get closer to Him and to the reward He has prepared for us . He loves us for our own good. :’)

I hope I made sense. Jazakillah hu khayr for reading .

May Allah make us closer to Him and make our hearts understand His attributes in the way they are. Ameen.

Assalam u alaikum wr wb.


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