Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Today I was asking Allah about something and the very next day I had it. Today I was striving for somethings and in short time span I had it.. sometimes I asked , sometimes I had it before I asked.. do I deserve what I own then ? All the blessings, everything going straight in my life.. perhaps I have everything yet nothing at all.. how am I grateful for my blessings is a big question I need to ask myself!

Why is it so important to ask this query ?

Allah gave it to me whether I acknowledge it or not.
To Allah do I return whether I want to or not.


How do I protect my blessings?
I need to grateful.

love you Allah

How ?

I need to work on my obligations. That’ll be my first step gaining sound protectiveness and will save me from Allah’s wrath. I cannot forget that the God who is so merciful is also al qahhar. I remind myself of that every day.

Starting myself with 5 pillars of Islam :

What is my reaction when I cannot carry out with one or any of these?

I need to be worried. I need to work with it my way whether it be starting one Salah and just praying fard or starting immediately . Remembering I cannot leave off the obligations no matter what. I need certain things in my life to stay then I need to guard them with my whole heart knowing it is a way of me being grateful, knowing the Lord of all the worlds will be watching over me and what He has blessed me with. He will know my abd hasn’t forgotten Me even when I have blessed him/her. That’ll be my reward and my heart’s tranquility. I love Allah for everything I have as I am not worthy of any of my blessings even for a cell in my eye .

Does that mean I need to cut off everything I do ?

Remember, I am a human and I am weak. Everything cannot possibly work in one day. Take my time but don’t forget to hold on to the progress I am making even if it’s very slow. I’ll be content because I am on a path worth traveling. I’ll reach my desired goals one day with the help of Allah. My work is trying in abundance.  Seeking forgiveness whenever I fall.

What if I am already carrying on with the obligations ?

Firstly I need to be humble about it. It is not me if Allah didn’t guide me I’ll surely be among the ignorant ones. So I don’t need to look down upon or judge others. I, however, need to go one step further and add nafal to make a connection more strongly needed. That is to really indulge myself in any activities that makes my prayers better. For instance more concentration. Really knowing the meaning of what I am reciting and keeping my mind widely open.  Probably one day a tahajjud in a week. There can be more according to each one of ours capabilities.

May we all take care of our blessings by being true to our Maker and true to our duties as a sign of gratitude for all we are blessed with. Ameen.


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