Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Life demands confidence rather than conflict from us. Doing something out of sheer courage requires confidence. Standing up to something or standing up for someone does makes us be a little bit better characteristically.

This courage doesn’t mean to be rude but to be straight forward and right in your decisions. Courage means to be patient. It means to be sensitive for our loved ones. Courage is to bring out sunshine for a better tomorrow. When we are not sure of ourselves we make the mistakes we never intend to make. To be really sure , we need to think of and analyze everything .

We need to certainly believe that there is a solution for everything, we need to stop focusing on our problems more. 

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Moreover, we need to realize that we can be ourselves without the fear of denial. Why? Because there are always people in form of angels around us who love us that dearly. Those people are a form of token of appreciation from our God . This should make us feel more humble and more grateful. To show that we are grateful and more humble , we need to improve ourselves always for even the small mistakes and for the smallest of things that hurt others. 

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May we all realize our true worth and the worth of the people around us. May we give and get the encouragement we need in life. May we follow suit for what is best for us.  May we become such that we live for others. Amen.

Article written in inspiration to my husband.


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