Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Revising lessons from Surah Al-Baqarah this Ramadan . Ayaat 1-2.

Surah Baqarah
Revealed after prophet p.b.u.h migrated to Madina. Last 30-35% of the quran. Unique and subject is different.
Makkah different society ya ayyuhan naas but not in madni surahs.
Muslims lived with christians and jews. Earlier surahs of this multicultured society.
A lot of ayahs later in the surah is about the battle of badr.
The last of the ayaat given were at the last in revelation. Last when Muhammad p.b.u.h went up in the sky.
Many audience of multi cultured but in the language of the people , the jews christians and muslims everybody. Makkah didn’t have background of religion . Madini audience have leaders they are scholars too. Ahbaar : Hands dipped in ink.
Muhammad p.b.u.h not at all literate and a part of miracle when he is one who is the teacher.

Alif laam meem : letters because they are learning to read. who is his teacher?
Arabs thought they are the master of the language , said things in a way that nobody has ever heard before. Curiosity? Nobody has had this knowledge before.
Guidance for those who believe.
The first orientation of the student of Quran is you don’t know anything, come to this book with humility and not with curiosity.
In college you are in a position to control, you come to it like a beggar a bankrupt not like a consumer. When you are desperate to know , set our attitude to right. We need to be okay with curbing and curiosity about the book. What you find interesting should not be in charge.
Equally important to tell and no tell each day. Ask questions but ask useful questions. If Allah didn’t tell you , it is beneficial for you.

Next Ayah:
Kitaab: scratch onto something to write, once write it, its set. profound reality of quran there is no room to modify , it is set .It is what it is. If its flexible it can be said as kalaam but not kitaab. Quran means to read out loud. Far away.Quran read here but written over there (Zalika)
Raib: Disturbed and shaken up on the inside. Doubt that’s bothering you until that confusion is removed from you.
Hudan: Guidance
Taqwa: Wiqaya means over and excessive protection.

6 different ways of looking at ayah:
1) Written uniquely written , hearing is not just a man talking but its written somewhere far away and is reaching him.
2) Alif Laam Meem is one of the names of Quran. Humble a human being that at the end of it you don’t know anything.
3) The Book : The humanity was waiting for this book. Jews and christians had special instructions and were waiting and was promised before. They use to talk about it. It is being said that is the book you have been waiting for.
4) Powerful Guidance who want a careful , every step protectively avoiding harm come to themselves.
5) Two things that define my relationship , there is no room for any skepticism .Not in this book no room for doubt. How is the question? Doubt is removed when you see a miracle. Like in Moosa A.S , Esa A.S. This book is a miracle inside it , its for the ears and not for the eyes and its not for all ears as well. Those miracles even if you are not a follower of Moosa ,you will still see the river being parted.
In Quran that is not the case, there are the people who hated Islam before can look at it shallow and more skepticism can be there.
Come looking for it and ponder and dive in deep then it will be a miracle for you. “Afala Yatadabbaru ul Quran”: If they reflect they won’t find criticism . It will be clear as water.
6) A gift of guidance, not the intellectual relationship in this part. Constantly seeking direction. I can’t say I already had water yesterday , I need it today as well. Allah describes the relationship with Quran as water and thirst needs to be quenched each day . If you want to protect yourself , Allah guarantees you that this book will absolutely guide you and quench your thirst.
Active Guidance for you and a living experience for people. It is going to have an exact answer for you. Always give you guidance as its come down for you.

Next is the answer for how do you attain taqwa?
Barak Allahu Feek.

Courtesy to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan



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