Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Ayaat 2-5 refelction
Modern Ideas:
The idea of evidence and checked it through science and gauge the data. God, heaven and hell cannot be seen hence cannot be proved. Therefore, there is no point discussing it.

Can you prove the emotion of love scientifically or how you love your mother?
When people accept the reality beyond what your eyes can perceive. Than only can they believe.
Have eman because they keep working on it because they realize emaan comes up and down in your heart. People who have taqwa even their eman goes up and down.
Believing in Unseen:
See a reality around them which others cannot see. Appreciation of the invisible.
For example, backbiting has everybody has no problem with.
At the time when its tested did you make a difference? Did your heart asked you to do something differently?
Facts and quality struggles
Continuous struggles

  • Loneliness
  • Party and ways to earn through haram means
  • Protection through supplication

All of the stuff is related to out belief of the unseen.
Salah means connection , it is the only way we connect with our Lord Allah Subhana wa taala. Iqama means to make something permanent. Now when something is seen and visible it is just like saying out of sight out of mind when its gone but this is not the case with us Muslims. We firmly believe in the unseen and therefore to attain consciousness and to attain continuity in quality struggles , we need to make our salah permanent. Only through this way we would be able to:

  • Do sabr through loneliness and see the positive side of things
  • When everybody else is doing something wrong, we’d be able to walk out of it dignified or at least not become a part of it.
  • Believe that we are protected when reciting the supplications of protection.

A man who works within his capacity and follows the Islamic things even though he does little cannot be judged based on our measuring scales but Allah will be the only fair judge. Allah truly knows who is successful because he is all known of the visible and invisible.

Barak Allahu feeki.


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