Assalam u alaikum wr wb,
Hope is a small word yet it contains meanings of a mountain. To lead this life however hope is very important. The important question is what makes this beautiful positive hope? The question needs an answer and a proper one. We all talk about the goodness of hearts and what it means to stay positive and firm in our decisions. Although we keep on forgetting the how part of this question! We keep on mitigating our belief by practicing very less amount of what positive we are saying or even thinking.


Change is inevitable, it cannot be denied. Human brain however,denies one very important thing and that is positive hope for a new change and the growth out of it. Perspective. When we deny the change we deny that optimistic side of that change as well. We have to realize that we are in a situation whether we want it or not, whether we deal with it or not. We cannot run away from situations and people and also we cannot stop growing, no matter how hard we try. What can happen is we can grow faster or slower than a turtle. At the end, we will cover a journey and reach a destination. This change that we keep on bringing in ourselves makes our destination either wonderful or disastrous. The Choice is Ours and only Ours to make. We cannot go back nor we know what the future holds but we do know our present situations and our present mental states. We can certainly change them both.


I wonder many of us talk optimistically about the future and the change they want to bring but a rare amount of us actually work hard to attain this. We either go too hard on ourselves and leave the objective altogether or we start thinking negatively or we give it all up without even trying.
How can this be hope? How is this thinking positively ? How can this sort of thinking change our perception of the actual reality?

Little start goes along a long way.. do start some where..


May we all hope good and bring positive change around us by realizing our true potential and by practicing the real choices instead of just saying positive words. Ameen.

Some real thoughts.
Have a good day. Cheerio!
Fe Aman Allah.


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