A little poem for the way a girl should see herself and the way others look at her despite her contribution in making the world a better place.

Today you see me as an emotional fool,
Yet you haven’t seen the courage, emotions bring..
Today you have just made fun of me,
Yet you haven’t seen the ways I have dealt with nuisance..
Today you have made me afraid again of reaching the success,
Yet you don’t realize my power and courage of getting back up..
Today you have hurt me through another turn,
Yet I smiled just because I know some turns have to be rough enough..

Today you have insulted me for my silliest mistakes,
Yet it made me acknowledge my strengths even more..
Today you tried to snatch my dreams away in the night,
Yet I am optimistic more for a silver lining in the black cloud..
Today you made just another impression of ruthless power,
Yet I have to make vulnerability my strength..
Today you have again taken me for granted,
Yet I am more valuable in my eyes than I was ever before..
Today , world you have lost me,
Yet, today I found myself while I am in you..

& For that I am grateful.

I encourage all the beautiful wonderful women out there, who are struggling each day for going on in their journeys. You are beautiful as you lead a life which is beautiful through making the hard choices and through living for others. You are acknowledged somewhere up in the heavens and will be blessed in a manner you and I can only dream of.

Thank you for being the way you are.



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